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The Real Reason Frank Fritz From American Pickers Was Once Arrested

Reality star Frank Fitz is seemingly used to a certain level of fame and notoriety. Up until recently, he was the co-host of History series "American Pickers," where he and partner Mike Wolfe drove around the backroads of the United States looking for weird vintage collectibles to sell. "Pickers" became a cult hit since first airing in 2010, and Fitz gained a loyal fanbase thanks to his jovial personality and bizarre love of cans. When Frank's appearances on the show ceased after a falling out with Wolfe, devotees were understandably confused and furious.

Fitz has struggled lately with health problems and an addiction disorder. Not only has he suffered from serious back problems and Crohn's disease, but he recently attended rehab to treat his alcohol addiction. When Mike didn't contact him about his troubles, the pair stopped speaking, and they apparently haven't said a word to each other since (via People).

The falling out is all very tabloid-worthy, but Fitz's troubles actually go back even further — to when he was arrested in 2017. This is how the "American Pickers" host ran afoul of the law in the middle of Iowa.

Frank Fitz was arrested for an OWI in 2017

According to WQAD, Frank Fitz was arrested in 2017 after driving the wrong way on an Iowa interstate. He was charged with an OWI and acknowledged drinking before getting in the car. The "American Pickers" co-host ultimately pleaded guilty and agreed to the court's terms. This included Fitz paying a fine, finishing a year of probation, and completing any recommended treatment, including a substance evaluation program.

This, plus a history of alcohol abuse in his family, led the reality star to seek help from a rehabilitation center, and as of this writing, he's reportedly been clean for a year. Fitz commented in an interview, "I'm feeling really good. Life is good and I'd like to get back into the swing of things. I wish I had done it five years ago, I would have been a different person" (via The Sun).

He also hoped to get back to "American Pickers" soon, even if he and Wolfe aren't talking: "I'd still like to get back to my job. I miss my friends and my people and being on the road and meeting all those different characters."

We're rooting for you, Frank.