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American Horror Story: Double Feature Just Dropped A Spooky New Teaser

"American Horror Story: Double Feature" is generation quite a buzz among fans of the horror anthology series-turned-franchise. Ryan Murphy, the show's creator, polled fans to determine what the central theme and creatures featured in this season should be, and the top two vote-getting themes were ultimately "Sirens" and "Aliens." Apparently Murphy took these crowdsourced suggestions to heart, since both creatures feature prominently in the show's first teaser trailer. 

As you can see in the teaser image above, the show's take on sirens won't exactly be bewitching — unless your idea of alluring sea-dwellers includes Max Schreck's take on "Nosferatu." Murphy's take on aliens is more archetypal. The images from the trailer harken back to Kit's encounter with green men back in Season 2, "Asylum." Murphy later announced that the show would split its season in half, with the first part taking place by the ocean, and the other half taking place in the desert. The trailer more than delivers on this premise, which is sure to delight fans.

A sweet romance or an alien autopsy?

The trailer reveals that each part of the "Double Feature" will bear a different title. "Red Tide" is the siren portion of the plot. It takes place in a frigid, wintery, decidedly New England-ish landscape. Part two, entitled "Death Valley," will feature alien creatures and take place in the barren landscapes and arid climate of a desert. It's worth noting that Area 51 is notoriously located in Nevada, and the centerpiece of many alien-related conspiracy theories. Read into that synchronicity what you will.

In the trailer, the creatures confront one another, but quickly find accord. We see further tantalizing hints of objects that will likely feature in the season. The trailer includes a very wet smooch, sirens trapped under a thick layer of ice, a rain of black pill capsules, autopsies, romantic embraces, and a steak being sliced. It's all just ambiguous enough to set off a blaze of speculation.

How all of these images interconnect — and what they mean — will begin to be revealed on August 25, when "American Horror Story: Double Feature" debuts on FX.