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American Horror Story Season 10 Premiere Title Hints At A New Villain

Given that "American Horror Story" is specifically structured as an anthology series, it stands to reason that each season generally features a setting and characters separate from all the others (usually with much of the same cast playing different roles). This is more of a guideline than a rule, however. Certain characters, for example, have been featured in multiple seasons, like fan favorite Pepper, who appeared in both "Asylum" (Season 2) and "Freak Show" (Season 4), as well as Sarah Paulson's reporter, Lana Winters, who also debuted on "Asylum" before coming back in "Roanoke."

The upcoming Season 10 of "American Horror Story" is currently primed to change up some long-standing series norms in an entirely different manner. Rather than featuring either a new story — or a story linked to those of previous seasons — it seems that "American Horror Story" Season 10 will be split into two discreet halves. Appropriately, the season is subtitled "Double Feature," in reference to double feature screenings at movie theaters, as well as, of course, its two new stories.

While the second half of the season remains a mystery, as the release of "American Horror Story" Season 10 nears closer, an increasing number of details about its first half are beginning to surface. These include an episode title that suggests the introduction of a real-life folk horror creature, which is likely to serve as a villain in the series' latest incarnation.

The Black Flash

The title of "American Horror Story" Season 10 Episode 1 is currently listed online as "Cape Fear" (via IMDB). Showrunner Ryan Murphy previously revealed on his Instagram account that filming for "American Horror Story" Season 10 took place in Provincetown, Massachusetts. The title "Cape Fear" further suggests that Provincetown serves as an in-fiction location, since Provincetown is located on the Cape Cod peninsula.

As it turns out, Provincetown is the alleged home to a cryptozoological monster, ala Bigfoot, who was reportedly sighted numerous times in the region, known as the Black Flash (via Provincetown Magazine). The creature, as per those who recall sighting it, was garbed in a black cape, had glowing eyes, and could jump far higher than a typical human being could. Sightings of the Black Flash happened with such speed that it seemed as if it were teleporting across town, and these reports once reached such a critical mass in 1939 that local cops began investigating the phenomenon.

Was it real? Not according to those cops, who said it was teenagers playing a prank. Another local claimed it was peeping tom. Nonetheless, the legend lives on.

The inclusion of the Black Flash in "American Horror Story" Season 10 is further supported by another post by Ryan Murphy to his Instagram account, in which he teased a couple of creatures outfitted in black clothing. Now that the setting for at least the first half of "American Horror Story" Season 10 is all-but-confirmed to be Provincetown, Cape Cod, these creatures can safely be assumed to be versions of none other than Provincetown's own Black Flash.