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What Happened To James And Alexis After Sexy Beasts?

A new nightmarish dating show from Netflix tries to test if its contestants can still find love while hidden behind layers of professional makeup that transforms them into "Sexy Beasts." While the elaborate makeup contestants wear to become a dolphin, a praying mantis, or a zombie looks pretty complicated, the show premise is simple enough: to see if a couple can find a spark in conversation that leads to a real relationship.

Of course, candidates generally only had their heads and hands covered with elaborate makeup, so contestants still had some other physical cues they could utilize to try and pick their optimal partner. As James, who was dressed as a Beaver, famously put it in the show's trailer, "A** first, personality second." James was given a choice between three costumed dates: Amber, disguised as a pixie; Timiko, dressed as a zombie; and Alexis, who appeared on her first date with James as a leopard.

Alexis' easy conversation and, um, other attributes earned her a second date with James. A passionate kiss at the end of that date led her to become his choice at the end of the episode, setting them up for a potential relationship. So what happened to Alexis and James after "Sexy Beasts" ended?

James and Alexis are still friends on social media but not dating

While Netflix has yet to deliver any official updates on how the couples that matched up on "Sexy Beasts" are faring now, fans can look at Alexis and James' social media profiles to get some hints as to how they're doing. Sadly, it seems like the two didn't last as a couple, although it appears to have been an amicable split.

A glance at James' Instagram account, shinobijames, shows that he has been putting most of his efforts into developing his skills as a stuntman, even putting in a pitch for the upcoming "Superman" project. However, his account doesn't give any hints about his relationship status with Alexis or anyone else, for that matter.

Alexis' Instagram account, alexis_y_ortiz, does show some hints of a relationship — but not one with James. A few posts in recent weeks show her hanging out with a new, unnamed guy friend, with plenty of heart emojis and captions that imply that something serious could be developing. So while James and Alexis from "Sexy Beasts" didn't quite pan out as a couple, at least they've both found something that makes them happy now that the show is over.