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What Every Sexy Beasts Contestant Looks Like In Real Life

Netflix is no stranger to high-concept, completely bonkers reality television shows. From "The Circle" to "Love Is Blind" to "Too Hot to Handle," if you're looking for a reality TV show to get lost in for a few hours, Netflix can provide. While all of the reality shows we just name-checked have some very binge-worthy premises, their newest reality release, "Sexy Beasts," just might have them beat. Narrated by "Deadpool 2" star Rob Delaney, "Sexy Beasts" is a reality dating competition show that is basically what happens when you mash-up "The Masked Singer" and "The Bachelor." 

The basic premise is this: In each of the six episodes, one contestant will be matched with three love interests and, over the course of that episode, will slowly whittle down the love interests to an ultimate match through meet-and-greet conversations and blind dates. The big twist is that every person participating in "Sexy Beasts," whether they're a contestant or a love interest, is put into extreme and highly decorative prosthetics and stage makeup in order to disguise themselves. This heavy disguising of what everyone actually looks like is done in hopes to level the playing field and force the contestants and their respective love interests to try and find a romantic spark based on their personalities and chemistry.

It's all well and good to watch young singles look for love on a reality TV show, but let's be honest: You really want to see what each of these "Sexy Beasts" participants looks like underneath all those prosthetics and makeup. Lucky for you, we've rounded up photos of each contestant in their made-up and regular selves, so you can see them in all their "Sexy Beasts" glory. Keep scrolling to see for yourself.

Emma the Demon

The first contestant to choose between three eligible bachelors is Emma. The striking brunette beauty underwent a major transformation in Episode 1. When we first meet Emma, she is made up to look like a demon, with bright red skin, horns, and prosthetics to elongate her chin into two smaller horns. She even dons a black wig and red pointy ears to help further conceal her identity. 

When she's not transforming into a devil-like creature, Emma is a six-foot-tall model from New York City who is tired of men approaching her solely based on how she looks. This touch-and-go dating history is a bit at odds with Emma's serious weakness for bad boys, which she's hoping to put an end to during her time on "Sexy Beasts." She also hopes to find true romance on the Netflix show, which mostly means trying to find chemistry with a guy based on his personality rather than his appearance.

Adam the Mouse

Adam is one of three men hoping to woo Emma into scoring a date in Episode 1. In order to do this, the Birmingham, England, native transforms into a mouse. The "Sexy Beasts" contestant's head is completely mouse-ified, with huge pink and white ears on either side of his head and a white, furry mask covering the entirety of his noggin. If you watch closely, you'll also see that Adam's mouse character has been given a man-bun, too. 

Adam may look like a mouse while he's meeting Emma for the first time, but this English lad is hardly mousy. In fact, Adam is the most vocally confident of Emma's three suitors and isn't afraid to show off that confidence during his time on the show. The other secret weapon in Adam's dating tool belt might surprise you: Wearing women's perfume. As Adam explains, he sees wearing women's perfume as an advantage because ladies already like the smell, given they wear it when they go out. So, he's hoping to incur a Pavlovian response by wearing it to get women to like him. Sure, Adam, whatever you say.

Archie the Stone Man

In Episode 1, we meet Archie, one of the three suitors hoping to charm Emma into granting him a second date. He's a sweet, mild-mannered British gent who hails from Gloucestershire. When Archie isn't participating in a bonkers Netflix dating show, he's a student. In his introduction, Archie reveals that he's not too much of a playboy. Instead, he prefers to take it slow and steady when looking for love, and he's also interested in a woman whose beauty lies in her intellect. 

As for his physical transformation, Archie is made up to look like a stone statue. His face, neck, and hands are covered in gray and white makeup, and he's given prosthetic pieces to cover up his jawline and head to make them look more sculpted. Adding to this chiseled statue vibe are flecks of green moss on his face, sideburns, and throughout his stone hair. The overall effect is quite stunning, with Emma remarking during their first meeting that Archie looks like a Greek god. She's not wrong.

Bennett the Mandrill

Long-haired dreamboat Bennett is the third fella looking to charm Emma into choosing him by the end of Episode 1. Bennett is a former pro volleyball player from San Diego. During Bennett's introduction, the California boy made it clear that he was looking to connect with someone on a physical level and hoped that this physical connection would be so powerful, not even the truly unsettling prosthetics he and his potential love interest were wearing would dampen the vibe. 

Speaking of prosthetics, Bennett transformed into a mandrill for his "Sexy Beasts" episode. To morph into this colorful primate, Bennett was given a huge red-and-blue nose and a full face mask covered in brown and white fur. Truth be told, it's one of the better makeup jobs on "Sexy Beasts." Bennett also manages to prove that physical affection in the literal face of obtrusive makeup is possible when he manages to steal a kiss from Emma while the two are still in their disguises. Way to go, Bennett.

James the Beaver

James is the main contestant in Episode 2. He spends his 30-minute episode choosing between three female contestants, all of whom undergo incredible transformations to hide their true selves. As for James, we learn that he's a lab technician based in Los Angeles, California. He's a charming, confident guy who touts his unique physique as a bonus when it comes to wooing a potential love interest. 

The transformation James undergoes before he can meet his three love interests is one the seems to fit his personality. For his episode, James is turned into a beaver. This means putting James in a brown-haired wig and furry face mask. His cheeks are extra-fuzzy, which could encourage his love interests to get flirty by petting them. Of course, those same love interests will have to look past the huge beaver teeth James has been outfitted with, too. Will those big chompers keep James from finding true love?

Amber the Pixie

The first love interest we meet in Episode 2 is Amber. Per Delaney's voiceover introduction, Amber hails from North Carolina and currently serves in the military. Amber reveals in her introduction that she has been single for a long time and doesn't date that often. However, she's joined the "Sexy Beasts" cast hoping to change this dry spell. In her words, she's "ready for a boyfriend" and is excited to meet the man she's hoping to woo. 

But can Amber woo James the Beaver through all of the makeup and prosthetics she's given to turn her from a beautiful woman into an otherworldly pixie? Throughout Episode 2, we see Amber dating James while wearing a cartoonishly large blue-and-purple wig, as well as prosthetics on her nose and ears to elongate them so that they look unnaturally pointy. Amber is also covered in blue face paint and has eyebrows painted on into super-high arches. Additionally, the blue makeup on her face is also present on her neck, shoulders, and arms to help further obscure her true identity.

Alexis the Leopard

The next girl hoping to find love on "Sexy Beasts" Episode 2 is Alexis, a law student and singer living in New York City. Alexis is a feisty contestant, which should keep James on his toes during their time together. In her introduction, she shares that the New York City dating scene has been nothing but disappointing. As such, she's decided to try out the very unconventional dating method of donning incredible fantasy makeup in order to find some very real love.

Speaking of makeup, Alexis is made to look like a humanoid leopard. She pulls off wearing a leopard mask well, with additional makeup put around her eyes to make them look even more feline. In addition to her stunning, spotted leopard head, Alexis wears a deep V-neck T-shirt for most of the episode, which provides the "Sexy Beasts" makeup department with the chance to cover her neck and chest with makeup resembling a leopard's fur and spots.

Tamiko the Zombie

The third lady looking for a love connection with James the Beaver is Tamiko. Hailing from San Francisco, Tamiko is a blond-haired California girl who specializes in working with drone technology. She's a self-described "serial first dater," and goes on to reveal that she can squeeze in up to four first dates in one week before whittling her dating pool down to a few guys at any given time. Could James be the last first date Tamiko has?

In order to figure this out, Tamiko will have to attract James while wearing some truly terrifying makeup. The San Francisco drone whiz transforms into a zombie on "Sexy Beasts," and is given blue-skinned prosthetics that turn her into a bald babe. Flesh-colored flecks of bones and skin can be seen from all sides of Tamiko's head, with a particularly big piece of rotting skin still attached to one cheek. Rounding out this look are wisps of hair, making Tamiko a very convincing fantasy zombie.

Kariselle the Panda

New Jersey native Kariselle is the main contestant on "Sexy Beasts" Episode 3. Kariselle is the definition of vivacious and she candidly describes her personality to anyone who will listen. Her outgoing nature no doubt helps her as a pageant girl and a professional party motivator, the latter of which kinda sounds like a dream job if you ask us. Kariselle also makes it known during her dates that she is ready to settle down, get married, the whole nine yards. Will she be able to meet a match who is also ready to mate for life?

Kariselle's energy bursts through her panda prosthetics, which cover her head and neck for most of Episode 3. Her transformation mostly consists of wearing a furry, panda-patterned headpiece completely with tiny, furry black ears and an adorable panda nose. Kariselle also wears black eye makeup around her eyes to help obscure her true identity.  

Ethan the Tin Man

The first of three men selected to date Kariselle in Episode 3 is Ethan. When this charming suitor isn't heavily made-up to look like a character straight out of "The Wizard of Oz," he's working as a marine biologist. According to this Dallas, Texas, resident, he's "definitely confident [he] can attract a girl" even when he's wearing an extreme amount of makeup and prosthetics, and is confident his personality will win over any romantic prospect. Ethan also shares that, when he's not busy looking for love, he indulges in activities like freediving and underwater hockey.

But the underwater hockey will have to wait because Ethan's primary activity during his time on "Sexy Beasts" is to spark a romantic connection with Kariselle. Ethan will have to make that personality work overtime to shine through his rusty Tin Man exterior. This mainly involves the marine biologist wearing a cylindrical prosthetic headpiece that makes his head look like it's made out of metal. Ethan also sports a metal-like jaw prosthesis and had eyebrow and nose prosthetics for a more mechanical appearance.

Tyler the Alien

Could Tyler the Alien make a love connection with Kariselle the Panda? Tyler is another intriguing love interest selected to romance party queen Kariselle in Episode 3. Despite the fact that he makes a living as a model and security guard, he readily admits that he "may not be the most handsome person in the room" but he "works with what [he's] got." Has Tyler looked in a mirror lately? Because when he's not wearing otherworldly alien makeup, he's downright dashing.

And when it comes to his "Sexy Beasts" alien get-up, he's somehow making it work, too. Tyler's alien look focuses on a bulbous prosthetic headpiece that makes it look like he's got an extra brain (or two) packed into that large dome. Additional prosthetics reshape Tyler's face to make it look more angular, with the cheeks and chin rounded off. Gone are his ears, and there's a big, flattened nose in its place, too. Despite all of these changes, plus the addition of red and yellow makeup for his skin tone, we repeat: Tyler is totally working it.

Josh the Bull

The third and final suitor selected to sweep Kariselle off her panda-sized feet is Josh. The ultra-handsome nerd is an engineer from Atlanta, Georgia, who is, in his own words, "hoping to potentially find the love of [his] life." That's a tall order for a Netflix reality show, but why not go big? Josh describes himself as an introvert during his introduction interview, which already makes him a perfect match for the extremely outgoing Kariselle. Will his new "Sexy Beasts" look allow Josh to be comfortable enough to come out of his shell and make Kariselle choose him?

Josh's over-the-top "Sexy Beasts" look has turned this bespectacled introvert into a larger-than-life bull. Everything about Josh's prosthetics is oversized, from the massive horns on his head to the wig of tight blond curls, to his fuzzy ears, to the huge, bull-like nose with a ring piercing it. If there's one phrase to describe Josh's look, it's "attention-getting" — and that could work in this introvert's favor.

Ibrahim the Wolf

Ibrahim is the main contestant looking for love in Episode 4. When he's not starring in an episode of Netflix's "Sexy Beasts," Ibrahim works as a professional dancer and graffiti artist who splits his time between London and New York City. Ibrahim reveals he's looking for "a queen" and is ready to end his long streak as a single guy with a match from "Sexy Beasts."

Ibrahim's lone wolf-like dating history is made manifest through his "Sexy Beasts" costume, which involves turning the dancer and artist into an actual wolf. Ibrahim dons a massive wolf head, which enlarge his own dome noticeably. He also sports fur around his cheeks and mouth, as well as a large lupine prosthetic nose and gray eye makeup to help complete his transformation. Can his confidence and smooth moves shine through this wolf costume and secure him a love match in Episode 4?

Bella the Dinosaur

Bella is the first of three love interests picked to date Ibrahim in Episode 4. The blond bombshell is actually a model and motivational speaker who lives in London. When we first meet Bella, she shares that her dating history is "a bit of a disaster" mostly because men approach her based on how she looks rather than getting to know her. Lucky for her, her time on "Sexy Beasts" will prove her personality and charm make her super-approachable, too.

However, this Londoner's personality will have to work overtime to shine through some supremely epic makeup and prosthetics if she hopes to win over Ibrahim. Bella is turned into a sexy dinosaur in Episode 4. This involves fitting a triceratops-like headpiece onto Bella's head and putting what looks like a prehistoric beak prosthesis on her face. The look is completed with green, purple, and yellow scales, pink horns on her head, and a bright pink beak.

Gabi the Owl

Ibrahim's second love interest is Gabi, a veterinary student from West Virginia. Gabi makes a stunning admission in her introduction: She has never been on a single dating app. Shocker! According to this veterinarian-in-training, "I don't want to swipe right or left on people because I don't think that their looks have anything to do with who they are." 

Gabi seems to have gone in the opposite direction by choosing the most drastic way to find love without focusing on looks by participating in a reality show that completely obscures your face. In her case, this means transforming into a rather fetching owl, a look she wears well. This gal's gorgeous mug in covered in feathers to turn her into the owl of Ibrahim's dreams, with a big own beak glued onto her nose and prominent feather eyebrows places on the center of her head. Because Gabi is wearing a sleeveless shirt for most of Episode 4, her arms and hands have also been covered in makeup so that it looks like they're covered in feathers, too.

Karissa the Troll

Karissa, Ibrahim's third love interest, seems to have drawn the short straw when it comes to choosing which character to transform into for "Sexy Beasts." This statuesque beauty who seems to glow in real life has been turned into a craggy troll. This involves wearing a white wig that has been artfully disheveled and wearing a huge nose that extends out from Karissa's actual face. There is also a big lip and chin prosthesis that give her face a very troll-like look; oh boy.

In her regular life, Karissa works as a life coach and lives in Texas. Karissa's motivations for participating in "Sexy Beasts" are quite interesting. You see, she feels that, in the dating world, you can tell a lot about a person's personality by the way they look. So, it would seem this Texan has chosen to liven up her dating life by taking looks out of the equation to test that theory. Will it work out when she meets Ibrahim?

Nina the Dolphin

Nina transforms into one of the most memorable "Sexy Beasts" creatures in all of Season 1. The San Diego resident is an administrative assistant who has traveled halfway across the world to the United Kingdom to look for love on a Netflix reality show. In order to do this, Nina has hidden her long brunette locks and covered up her megawatt smile with tons of comically large prosthetics that transform her into an alarmingly odd dolphin. This transformation includes placing a huge fin on Nina's head, plastering a bulbous nose and cheek prosthesis on her face, and plopping a fake blowhole on her forehead. 

Lucky for Nina, she's got lots of charm to share and it practically radiates through her "Sexy Beasts" makeup during her introduction interview. During this segment, she reveals that she is looking for a cowboy. Yes, an actual cowboy. No ifs, ands, or buts — it's a cowboy or bust for this San Diego sweetheart. Nina is so keen to have a cowboy boyfriend that she's ready to move to a farm and live the lifestyle with her new man. So, will she find the cowboy of her dreams on "Sexy Beasts"? 

Mick the Rhinoceros

Mick is the first of three love interests picked for Nina in Episode 5. He's a classic Los Angeles local, you might say, because it's revealed that he's a holistic health practitioner in his professional life. According to Mick, he is the "techno prince, warrior poet, lucky man, spiritual cowboy" who is on a "hero's journey to liberate humankind." So, yeah, sounds like he's just a very approachable, down-to-earth guy. Does it also work in his favor that, as he tells it, he's always looking for love and is open to adventure? We'll let you be the judge on that.

Can Mick's groovy personality overcome the haunting rhinoceros makeup he's been saddled with? (That's a cowboy joke, folks.) For his "Sexy Beasts" look, Mick has been outfitted with two rhinoceros horns that stick out from his face and, unfortunately, squash any hopes of him getting a smooch in while he's flirting with Nina. The holistic health practitioner has also been placed in prostheses on his head and face which give him the craggy, weathered look of a rhino, as well as gray makeup covering his neck and chest. 

Dominic the Mantis

Dominic is the second love interest selected for Nina. He's a model from London, England, whose unique look when he's not wearing makeup is sure to make him a catch in the dating world. Dominic is all about winning people over with his personality, which he tells "Sexy Beasts" viewers has been described as "elite." How it's elite, exactly, is for us to find out as we watch Episode 5. 

For his "Sexy Beasts" look, Dominic's handsome model looks have been covered up with ridiculous praying mantis features. This includes outfitting the actor with huge antennae that stick out of his forehead, two bulging bug eyes that sit on either side of his head, and pincer lips that wrap around his jawline. And, if that wasn't enough to grab Nina's attention, Dominic's face and head have been painted in bright shades of yellow and green. Can his elite personality overcome these mantis features?

Dustin the Scarecrow

This final suitor selected for Nina is Dustin, a student originally from Texas. In real life, Dustin puts the "stud" in "student," with his mop of brunette curls and winning smile. He reveals his Texan bona fides in his introduction interview, sharing with viewers that he can shoot a gun, always wears his cowboy boots, and he can ride horses. Between that killer smile and cowboy background, is Dustin the guy for Nina?

In order to answer that question, Dustin will have to win over Nina first despite being dressed like a scarecrow. His "Sexy Beasts" scarecrow outfit includes a flowerpot for a hat that is perched on a veritable mound of straw which replaces his curls for hair. Dustin's face is also covered by makeup that makes it looks like he has a sack for a face that has been stitched up in the corners of his mouth to emulate a smile. If he wasn't already so charming, Dustin might look a little freaky as this scarecrow come to life, don't you think?

Kelechi the Rooster

The final contestant in "Sexy Beasts" Season 1 is Kelechi, who, in this writer's opinion, is one of the biggest catches of Season 1. In real life, Kelechi is a pharmacy student from Knoxville, Tennessee. What is a handsome chap like Kelechi doing on "Sexy Beasts"? In his introductory interview, he reveals he has been single for two years. Despite some great dates, nothing has clicked for this Knoxville knockout. Perhaps one of the three love interests chosen by the "Sexy Beasts" casting department will end his dating dry spell?

For his unique "Sexy Beasts" costume, Kelechi has been transformed into a rooster. The makeup and prosthetics work here is stunning because it hides Kelechi's actual features so well, which means the reveal at the end of Episode 6 is extra jaw-dropping. Before that big reveal, though, Kelechi has to charm his love interests while sporting a furry brown headpiece, a big red comb, a pointy yellow beak, and a distractingly floppy wattle.

Lilly the Witch

You wouldn't know it by looking at her in her "Sexy Beasts" makeup, but Lilly is actually a model in real life. In addition to her modeling career, the London-based beauty is also a former scientist. Like other model contestants featured in this season, Lilly is hoping to meet someone who will appreciate her for her personality and not just her looks. She has also run into the problem of becoming friends with guys who really want to date her, which has proven tricky. Now, Lilly wants to find love without all of the awkwardness.

That noble goal might be hard to achieve for Lilly once she's made up to look like a witch for most of Episode 6. Lilly's witch costume includes a decorative headscarf with bangles, a bleach-blond wig, and big earrings. Oh, and there's also the forehead-to-neckline green makeup, complete with tons of wrinkles and puffy red bags under the eyes that make it look like Lilly has been doing magic in a cave for hundreds of years. How romantic.

Cassie the Frog

Hey, it's our first Canadian love interest on "Sexy Beasts." The Canadian in question is Cassie, an investment manager originally from Toronto. Cassie's dating life has been a dead zone lately, as she readily reveals that the date she is about to go on in Episode 6 will be her one in two years. Of all the bold ways to get back into the dating game, appearing on "Sexy Beasts" has to be the boldest, right?

To help ease Cassie back into the dating groove, she's been transformed into a bald, smooth-skinned tree frog. This transformation involves putting bulging red eyes on either side of her head. Her face, head, and neck have been painted a neon green color, too. Additionally, the frog headpiece of Cassie's get-up transforms her visage into something more reptilian than human, thus officially dashing any chance of being able to give Kelechi a smooch on their date.

Martha the Reindeer

The final love interest selected for Kelechi is Martha, an effervescent Brit with long blond locks and a winning smile. Martha is a sales executive by day and currently resides in Southampton, England. According to her, she's been told repeatedly that her face doesn't seem to match her personality over the years. A bit of a goofball, Martha will likely be the surprising suitor who will keep Kelechi on his toes.

Martha's "Sexy Beasts" transformation is truly wild, with the Southampton resident turned from a gorgeous gal into a ravishing reindeer. To make Martha more animal-like, she's been fit with a pair of short antlers and big, fuzzy ears. Her blond hair has been hidden under a brunette wig and there's a soul patch of white fur glued to her chin. Completing the look is a face full of fur and eye makeup that makes her more endeering to behold. See what we did there?