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Why Some AHS Fans Have A Problem With Billie Lourd's Acting

With a rotating cast and a plethora of storylines to keep track of, it's not surprising that "American Horror Story" fans often take to the show's subreddit to unpack everything that's going on. From discussing Easter eggs that connect the seasons to dissecting any updates about Season 10, fans have their finger on the pulse of the horror anthology.

Aside from news updates, fans often cover fun topics like comfort characters and who they'd team up with. One thread by Redditor u/a-ma-ri asks fellow fans to dish on their most unpopular "American Horror Story" opinions, and they didn't hold back. The OP kicked off the discussion, saying that Taissa Farmiga is overrated, "Roanoke" is a top-three season, and "Hotel" is the best season overall.

While some "unpopular opinion" threads often turn to popular opinions with traction but no debate, this thread is filled with fans sharing genuinely unpopular and unique opinions. Answers ranged from which actors deserve more roles to what twists ruined entire seasons. But some fans pointed to Billie Lourd's acting in their answers.

Not everyone loved Billie Lourd in AHS: 1984

Fans in this particular Reddit thread didn't embrace Billie Lourd's role as aerobics enthusiast Montana Duke in the ninth season of "American Horror Story," subtitled "1984." Redditor u/costelloethere said, "Billie's acting, particularly in '1984,' is pretty bad. That monologue she delivers to Trevor near the end was laughable, and not in the cheesy, 80's kinda way."

Another user, u/Addieprettygirl, pointed to the monologue as well, calling it "abysmal." They added that while they recognized the campy nature of '80s teen slashers, "there were parts of '1984' that seemed like a horrible school play." 

Fans also pointed out that Lourd's performance didn't match the campy tone of the season. The OP responded to one user, saying, "She's very monotone and it kinda worked in 'Cult' but not '1984.'" Others agreed that the gothic Winter Anderson from "American Horror Story: Cult" benefited from Lourd's deadpan delivery, but that same acting style wasn't right for a totally tubular camp counselor.

Despite the criticism and the hot takes, most users weren't too harsh on the thread. With 44 upvotes, u/BhangraFool said, "I love that you asked this and I love reading all the replies because even the stuff I disagree with, I'm loving being here surrounded by other fans who just love this series so much!"