Why Father Louis From The Seventh Day Looks So Familiar

Anyone in the mood to shiver in their seat needs to check out "The Seventh Day," now available to watch on Netflix. The horror flick follows a group of clergymen on a mission to rid a young boy of a demon possessing his body. The movie's currently scaring its way up the Top 10 current films chart on the streaming platform, so you can get in on the trend by viewing it for yourself. 

It's an ideal watch if you're a fan of the likes of "The Exorcist" and "The Conjuring," and it has an all-star cast. In an exclusive interview with Looper, actor Stephen Lang mentioned how he signed on for the film to finally work with Guy Pearce. Other familiar faces you'll find in the movie include Robin Bartlett, Hannah Alline Culwell, and Keith David. 

David is practically Hollywood royalty at this point, having acted professionally since the 1970s. While going over his entire resume could fill up a novel, here are just a few of the highlights he's had. 

Keith David's big break came playing Childs in The Thing

1982's "The Thing" is one of the most significant sci-fi/horror movies ever to come out. Not only is it genuinely horrific, making excellent use out of practical effects, but it contains timely themes of not knowing who you can trust. It was a timely message for a film to have amid the Cold War, and Keith David shined as Childs. 

Childs is one of the researchers at the station where the alien wreaks havoc, and he ends up being one of the final two individuals by the end of the movie. The ending of "The Thing" has continued inspiring theories about whether Childs, MacReady (Kurt Russell), or both are actually aliens. The lingering questions at the end of the movie continue permeating the zeitgeist, as evidenced by the fact that the actor keeps receiving questions. David sat down with ComingSoon.Net in 2017 to ruminate on his thoughts, "I think they both freeze to death. I'm not sure whether or not, if anyone comes and wakes them up, if the thing will reveal itself. But I can say for sure that if one of them was the thing ... it wasn't me!"

Sadly, without "The Thing 2," the ending will always have a question mark over it. 

He kept the sci-fi streak running with They Live

Starring in one influential, important science-fiction movie in a decade may be enough for some, but Keith David upped the ante by starring in another John Carpenter classic, "They Live." This movie also has themes still relevant today as a drifter, played by Roddy Piper, comes across a pair of glasses that allow him to see the world as it truly is, where most humans are actually horrific aliens. And the media tells people to do nothing but consume and conform.

While some people remember the film most for its themes of paranoia, the movie's also beloved for the incredibly long fight scene between the drifter and Frank (David). The fight clocks in at over six minutes in length and remains a touchstone for cinematic sequences. When David reflected on the scene with SYFY WIRE in 2017, he brought up, "It was some of the most fun I've ever had, ever. I've certainly had been ... unsafer in other environments."

Keith David is a recognizable face to anyone interested in the science-fiction genre with a myriad of roles. 

He showed off his funny side on Community

The study group on "Community" went through nearly as many changes as the showrunner position behind the scenes. As the series went on, some main cast members dropped out, necessitating some fresh blood. For Season 6, that meant the introduction of Elroy Patashnik (David), a VR expert who joins the Save Greendale Committee.

However, Elroy wasn't the only part Keith David had during his time on the NBC sitcom. He lends his voice to the role of the narrator in Season 3's "Pillows and Blankets," which parodies a Ken Burns Civil War documentary format to capture the carnage after an all-out pillow fight occurs on campus. 

It wouldn't be the last time David lent his legendary voice to a Dan Harmon project. "Rick and Morty" fans will undoubtedly recognize him from playing the United States President on the Adult Swim sitcom. Keith David remains one of the hardest-working actors today, and whether he's terrifying viewers or making them laugh, his presence in a project is always a welcome treat.