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Why Tantoo From The Ice Road Looks So Familiar

Netflix users are loving Liam Neeson's new movie "The Ice Road" — and for good reason. The action-packed film takes place in icy Manitoba, Canada, and features brave big-rig drivers. When news of a remote diamond mine collapsing reaches ice road trucker Mike McCann (Neeson) and his brother Gurty (Marcus Thomas), they apply to embark on the dangerous mission to rescue the trapped miners, even though the icy tundra is already starting to melt. Another ice road trucker named Jim Goldenrod (Laurence Fishburne) hires the brothers for the expedition, along with an actuary named Tom Varnay (Benjamin Walker) and a young woman named Tantoo.

This stellar cast helps to make "The Ice Road" a thrilling adventure from start to finish. Though Neeson and Fishburne are screen legends in their own right, the supporting cast members are just as important to the film's dynamic. The talented actress who plays Tantoo especially helps bring another layer to the action in "The Ice Road." Though she's not necessarily a newcomer to the world of acting, this is definitely one of the bigger productions this rising star has been a part of. 

Here's where you may have seen her before.

Amber Midthunder was in an Oscar-nominated western

One of Amber Midthunder's most critically acclaimed projects yet was in the 2016 neo-Western crime drama "Hell or High Water," that starred Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine, Ben Foster, and Gil Birmingham. Though Midthunder didn't have a major part in the successful drama, her portrayal of a frazzled bank teller was a convincing one that showcased her skills. "Hell or High Water" was eventually nominated for over 100 awards — including four Academy Awards — and won dozens of other accolades.

Midthunder spoke to Icon Vs. Icon about her time working with such a star-studded cast: "That was such a wonderful creative environment to be in. [...] If you look at 'Hell or High Water,' it's a very character driven movie, so it only makes sense for [director David MacKenzie] to be thoughtful of what his actors want to do. To watch Jeff Bridges do his thing was amazing! He's nominated for an Oscar for his performance, so to see him do that, be in it with him and have everything else melt away and be in that world with him was something I will carry with me forever."

Amber Midthunder has had small parts in numerous projects

Though "Hell or High Water" was one of Amber Midthunder's biggest productions, she's been in tons of television shows and movies throughout the years. She played Lilly Stillwater in two episodes of "Longmire," as well as Lana Cleary in two episodes of "Banshee," and the role of Starlet in one episode of "Dig". She also played Kayla in one episode of "The Originals."

Midthunder has also been in several films over the years, with small parts in "Sunshine Cleaning" starring Amy Adams and Emily Blunt. She was also in "Swing Vote" starring Kevin Costner and Kelsey Grammer, as well as "Spare Parts" starring George Lopez and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Midthunder's been in everything from action thrillers to comedies, and explained to Icon Vs. Icon that she's open to exploring all possibilities in the film world: "When I read something I feel that I either have chemistry with it or I don't. When there's chemistry you care, it feels really good and that's when the performance turns out well. That's the feeling I'm addicted to! That's the feeling I want!"

Amber Midthunder played a mutant in a Marvel series

Amber Midthunder's first regular role in a series was in the FX series "Legion," based on the Marvel comics character of the same name.  

"Legion" tells the story of David Haller (Dan Stevens), a man who believes he has schizophrenia when he is, in fact, endowed with psychic powers. He meets a group of fellow mutants who also possess amazing powers, and attempts to learn more about his family's history. Midthunder played a mutant named Kerry Loudermilk, who lived within the body of an older scientist named Cary Loudermilk (Bill Irwin).

In "Legion," Kerry Loudermilk also happens to be Native American, and Midthunder herself is of the Fort Peck Assiniboine Sioux tribe (via Indian Country Today). Midthunder spoke to the New York Post about growing up with her actor father David Midthunder ("Westworld"), and how representation matters to them within the TV and film industry: "My role in 'Legion' was not originally written as a Native American. I just went in and got the job, and it's mentioned in one episode. It's not ignored but it's not the centerpiece. I think that is the biggest compliment that you can give to any minority: inclusion but not focus. I'm a Native American girl, but I'm also so many other things."

Amber Midthunder is in the Roswell, New Mexico reboot

One of Midthunder's most recent roles is on the CW revival of "Roswell, New Mexico." The sci-fi drama series is centered on Liz Ortecho (Jeanine Mason), the daughter of undocumented immigrants who moves back to her hometown of Roswell, New Mexico. As Liz starts to realize that there are aliens living amongst humans in her hometown, she becomes personally entangled in the mystery on her mission to uncover the truth. Midthunder plays Rosa Ortecho, Liz's older sister, who died in a car crash before the events of the first season. 

Though Midthunder was initially cast as a recurring character, she was promoted to series regular for season two and has continued to play Rosa since (via Deadline).

Since "Roswell, New Mexico" is the second version of the same concept, some of the actors from the original series have returned to work on the newest version. Midthunder spoke to Collider about working with those original cast members, explaining "It's legendary. It's so cool. In this time period, when we're attacking these stories that people loved so much, and they were so well-received and even we loved them, to have them around is everybody's favorite day. When they're around, I feel like everyone is geeking out. Roswell is geeking out over Roswell. It's so great."