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Could We Ever See A Star Trek Musical?

Nowadays, the extensive "Star Trek" franchise is arguably more active than at any other point in its history. "Star Trek: Discovery" is currently readying its fourth season; a second season of "Star: Trek Picard" is not only in the works but, according to Q actor John de Lancie, a particularly great work environment; Season 2 of the animated "Star Trek: Lower Decks" is on its way, with a planned August 2021 release date; and finally, though there's no word of a third season yet, the two existing seasons of anthology series "Star Trek: Short Treks" are available to stream on Paramount+ alongside each of these other shows.

One of the key players behind this abundance of "Star Trek" is Alex Kurtzman, who's credited as a producer on all of these modern day "Star Trek" series, the 2009 "Star Trek" movie, its 2013 sequel, the upcoming animated kids series "Star Trek: Prodigy," and the similarly forthcoming "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds." Though Kurtzman has already had ample opportunity to put his stamp on the "Star Trek" franchise, one particular subgenre remains his final frontier: a "Star Trek" musical.

Kurtzman recently shed some light on the possibility of a future "Star Trek" musical in an appearance on "The Pod Directive," an official "Star Trek" podcast.

Singing Star Trek

Alex Kurtzman told "The Pod Directive" hosts Paul F. Tompkins and Tawny Newsome that a "Star Trek" musical remains something he would like to make in the future. Specifically, he described "Star Trek: Short Treks" as an ideal series in which to house a musical storyline. That way, his hypothetical musical could be confined to a singular, stand-alone episode rather than require justification within either a larger storyline or as a discreet work.

Kurtzman also acknowledged certain challenges unique to producing a musical compared to traditional TV work. "It has to have a concept that makes a musical necessary, or you have to come up with a really, really good reason for people to start breaking out into song," he said, before stating that, "nothing would make me happier. I would die to see that."

In short, there are no current plans to produce a "Star Trek" musical. The future, however, is wide open. Since Kurtzman expressed such a strong desire to see "Star Trek" characters break out into song, it remains not just a possibility but a likelihood — most likely dependent on the return of "Star Trek: Short Treks."