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The Ryan Murphy Universe Favorite That Fans Think Should Be In AHS

One of the major appeals of "American Horror Story" – the imaginative horror anthology on FX that has been reinventing itself each season to the utter delight of fans — is its ability to generate such different sets of characters. Since its premiere in 2011, creator Ryan Murphy has often drawn from the same well of talented actors and actresses that he casts in his many other projects. And those who love Murphy's work are generally thrilled with his casting choices, so it shouldn't be a surprise to learn that there is a certain actor that many would like to see him bring into the "AHS" family in a big way.

Want to know who those fans think should be given bigger parts to play in future seasons of Murphy's hit horror show? Well, you're in luck, because we've got the scoop about which Ryan Murphy Cinematic Universe favorite fans think should be in "AHS."

AHS fans want to see a star from another one of Murphy's hit shows

Recently, fans seemed to rally around the idea of Ryan Murphy recruiting Darren Criss into the "AHS" universe. Criss has worked with Murphy on some of his other projects, including "Glee," where he played Blaine Anderson.

To recap, Redditor CLO_MODE got the conversation going, writing, "After finally getting around to watching '[The] Assassination of Gianni Versace' I have come to a conclusion. Darren Criss as Andrew [Cunanan] was scarier than any baddie I've seen in 'AHS.' Ryan HAS to get Darren in as a villain at some point. I had NO idea Darren had that kind of range."

Fans seemed to really be behind the idea of Criss taking on a more prominent role as a villain, as he's already appeared in "AHS: Hotel" — briefly — as the ill-fated Justin, as noted on Fandom. Another Redditor, johndeaconshands, offered their full support for the move of bringing Criss into the "AHS" universe as a villain, writing, "He's good. He could've played a very low-key Kai in my opinion but Evan [Peters] did his best performance. Darren has so much 'AHS' potential."

Darren Criss has carved out a place for himself in Ryan Murphy's universe

The idea of Ryan Murphy bringing Darren Criss into the "American Horror Story" fold was clearly a popular opinion among fans on Reddit, as the statement prompted several more people to agree that he belongs on the show. For instance, one fan, viridiusdynamus, said Criss was "scary as hell," and Redditor teamint93 wrote, "I agree – he was amazing and absolutely terrifying! I hope he'll return to 'AHS.'"

And it wouldn't be surprising if Murphy did tap Criss to appear in a bigger way in an upcoming season of "AHS" since they've worked together on several projects already. Criss even opened up about working with Murphy on his Netflix project "Hollywood" in a 2020 interview with Variety. "Early on, Ryan would run things by me, which I appreciated. I was involved in a lot of the initial creative discussions," he said. "Again, I was just like, 'Look, you're Ryan Murphy. You do your thing.'"

After considering the prospect of seeing more of Darren Criss in "AHS," we totally agree he would bring something special to the show.