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What Is The Song In The Kohl's Father's Day 2021 Commercial?

Father's Day is coming on June 20, and Kohl's is here to remind you of the importance of a great gift with its new Father's Day commercial. The spot shows a tight-knit family starting the day together, while also highlighting a number of handy products that a father — perhaps yours — might appreciate as more material presents. 

It's a clever way to tie Kohl's wares to their everyday use in a Father's Day context, while simultaneously informing you of the department store retail chain's generous deals on a number of dad-adjacent products, such as loungewear and a neat Braun electric shaver. Still, while the visuals are very well-made, and the voiceover does a great job communicating the message, the thing that really ties the ad together is the perky, catchy tune playing on the background. Since the song might very well play in your head long after the spot is over, it certainly warrants a closer look. So, what's the song in the Kohl's Father's Day 2021 commercial?

Endless Possibilities by Oh, Hush! and Keegan Calmes

The song in the commercial is called "Endless Possibilities," and the artist behind the tune is Oh, Hush! aka Chris Sernel. According to Music Connection, Sernel made his name producing and writing music. You might not have heard about his project before, but that doesn't mean it isn't a big deal — and well worth checking out. Over the years, Oh Hush! has worked with  artists ranging from Weezer to Jennifer Lopez, and Sernel's tunes have featured in major films like "The Lego Batman Movie" — and, as it happens, in a great many ads. 

On "Endless Possibilities," Oh! Hush joins forces with Keegan Calmes, who's known from indie rock group Vinyl Theatre (via Blurred Culture). Incidentally, this is not the first time Kohl's has used the highly appealing song. In fact, you might very well remember it from the retailer's other spots, like the "Family Fun" commercial