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Why Ringo From The Misfits Looks So Familiar

Step aside, Suicide Squad. There's a new batch of criminals making the world a better place through their misdeeds. 

The new film "The Misfits" follows the exploits of Richard Pace (Pierce Brosnan), as he winds up in the middle of a complex heist that sees him going to a high-security prison to secure a fortune in gold. Of course, as is the case with any good heist movie, he needs a crew to help him pull off the feat. Luckily for Richard, he has several allies to help him in his quest involving deception, including Violet (Jamie Chung), Wick (Mike d Angelo), and Ringo (Nick Cannon). 

Cannon's presence in the movie is a welcome addition. While his resume dates back several decades, he hasn't acted all too often over the last few years, with most of his recent credits coming from the producing side of things. In case you need a refresher on the highlights of his career, here's everything you need to know. 

He got his big break on All That

Back in the 1990s and early 2000s, kids had a sketch comedy show of their very own to watch before they were old enough to check out "Saturday Night Live." For years, "All That" offered kid-friendly entertainment and launched a generation of comedic actors, including Nick Cannon, Kenan Thompson, and Amanda Bynes. Cannon actually joined the cast several years after the show started, but he made a great impression while he was there. 

Thanks to his litany of characters on "All That," he was a Nickelodeon mainstay for many years. In addition to appearing in a couple of episodes of "Kenan & Kel," he received a spin-off series titled "The Nick Cannon Show," where he went out into the world to leave his mark on anything he thought needed improving. His influence on the network extended into his music. He collaborated with Lil' Romeo and 3LW for the song "Parents Just Don't Understand," which appeared on the "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius" soundtrack. 

Cannon got into movies with 2002's Drumline

With star power like Cannon's, it was only a matter of time until he leaped onto the big screen. That finally happened in 2002, when he landed the lead role of Devon Miles in "Drumline." It's a must-watch coming-of-age movie for music lovers as Devon heads off to college, where the marching band there is unlike what he had to do in high school. He faces challenges both related to the social hierarchy of college and adapting to a new style of music. Critics loved the story, allowing it to garner an 82% rating on the Tomatometer

In case you need even more reason to watch (or rewatch) the movie, it also features one of the earliest roles of future "Avengers: Endgame" and "Avatar" actress Zoe Saldana. She plays Laila, the upperclassman Devon forms a relationship with who becomes embarrassed to date him after his cocky attitude lands him in trouble. 

In case you want to prove you're the biggest "Drumline" fan out there, you can test your mettle against Chance the Rapper (via Billboard). He sat down with Cannon to see how much he actually knew about the film, and some of the questions get pretty difficult.

These days, Nick Cannon hosts The Masked Singer

From music videos to voiceover roles, Cannon's dipped his toes in a little bit of everything over the years. Anyone who wants to see him currently just needs to tune into Fox, as he's the host of the top-rated reality series, "The Masked Singer." Cannon stays on the stage, offering his commentary as the panel of judges tries to determine the identity of the singers based on a series of clues and their natural singing voices.

Cannon had to take a brief reprieve from filming the show as he contracted COVID-19 around the time Season 5 first started filming. Niecy Nash stepped in to fill in for him for the first few episodes of the season, but he wasn't gone for long. He marked his grand return to the series by coming on to compete. Once the audience unmasked him as the Bulldog, he took the mic back from Nash and carried on right where he left off. 

With more "Masked Singer" on the way for the foreseeable future, Cannon will continue popping up on your TV whenever there are celebrities trying to conceal their identities.