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What The Cast Of All That Is Doing Today

If you were a kid in the 1990s, then your first introduction to sketch comedy probably wasn't through Saturday Night Live or In Living Color — instead, chances are you turned into Nickelodeon to see what Miss Piddlin or Detective Dan would get into this week. All That was a popular children's comedy show that's remained popular to this day — the show was even revived in 2019 with a brand new cast, and if you tune in, you'll likely see some of the original cast members pop in here and there to bring back some fan favorite characters.

While the new cast is great, we'll focus on some of the original cast members on this list. If you've ever wondered what some of your favorite sketch actors from the '90s have been up to, then you'll be pleased to hear they've been doing a lot more than just eating ice cream around North Hollywood. Some have remained in the industry while others have moved onto other ventures. Let's check in with All That cast members that got their start on the show in the '90s. 

Kenan Thompson continued sketch comedy

Kenan Thompson got his big break when he was still just a teenager on All That. For a brief period in the '90s, you really couldn't turn on Nickelodeon without seeing Thompson pop up at some point. Two years after he made it big on All That, he and fellow cast member Kel Mitchell got their own Nickelodeon show, Kenan & Kel. That show lasted from 1996 to 2000, which was also the year Thompson would depart from All That

He stayed busy for the next couple of years, appearing in shows like Felicity and The Nick Cannon Show. However, he soon made a triumphant return to the world of sketch comedy by landing the gig of a lifetime on Saturday Night Live. He joined the cast of the show in 2003, and he went on to become the longest-running cast member of SNL in the show's history. He's appeared in many films and other television shows over the years, including a recurring character on the hit Netflix series The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. But SNL has been his bread and butter for a while, no doubt making him an inspiration to the next generation of All That cast members.

Kel Mitchell still loves orange soda

Kel Mitchell was an original cast member of All That. It was here he met Kenan Thompson, and for a while, you wouldn't see one without the other. The pair went off to star in their own Nickelodeon seriesKenan & Kel, later also starring in the film Good Burger where Kel plays Ed, an overly zealous fast food worker who originated on All That

Thompson eventually had a successful career on Saturday Night Live, and Mitchell wanted to follow down the same path. He had a self-described disastrous audition for the show and didn't land a role, but he's gotten consistent acting work over the years. He was the voice of T-Bone in Clifford the Big Red Dog. He's also stayed true to his roots and made guest appearances on various other Nickelodeon shows over the years, including Sam & Cat and SpongeBob SquarePants. He's also made guest appearances on the All That revival as some of his iconic characters, like Ed and Coach Kreeton.

Danny Tamberelli has moved from TV to video games

For many kids growing up in the '90s, Danny Tamberelli was probably one of the most recognizable actors ever. In addition to appearing on All That from 1997 to 2000, he starred in another Nickelodeon series, The Adventures of Pete & Pete. He was also the voice of Arnold Perlstein on The Magic School Bus from 1995 to 1997. 

He's had guest appearances on other TV shows in the years since All That ended, with his last major acting role coming as the voice of Jimmy Townley in Grand Theft Auto V. In 2013, he started a podcast with Michael Maronna, his co-star on Pete & Pete, with new episodes pretty much being released every week. But All That fans don't have to worry: He's still acting, provided you know where to look. One recent film role was as Uno King in the independent dramedy, Ham on Rye. 

Lori Beth Denberg returned to her roots

Lori Beth Denberg was one of the original cast members of All That, appearing in the show from 1994 to 1998 during its original run. She had numerous memorable characters on the series, including the Loud Librarian and the host of Vital Information. When her time on the show ended, she went on to appear as Lydia Liza Gutman on The Steve Harvey Show for several seasons. Some of her other credits include Malcolm in the Middle and Dodgeball

She's had other roles over the years, but she's made somewhat of a comeback by going back to the show that made her famous in the first place. She's appeared consistently on the All That revival, reprising such iconic roles as the Loud Librarian. She's also passed the torch of hosting Vital Information to the next generation of funny actors — and apparently, she's still getting recognized on the street, even when she's just going to the market. 

Josh Server got super hot

Josh Server has the unique distinction of being the only All That cast member from 1994 to stay on the show through all six original seasons. He had a lot of success on the show, appearing as popular characters like Ear Boy and Detective Dan. He left in 2000, but popped up intermittently over the years on other Nickelodeon programs. You've likely seen him show up on Drake & JoshNed's Declassified School Survival Guide, and Sam & Cat

One thing is evident from his All That days: Josh Server has gotten ripped. All you have to do is follow him on Instagram to be aware of that fact. But he's more than just a pretty face — he's continued acting, including guest appearances on the All That revival. He's appeared as Detective Dan and Coach Clampet to show the new cast members how you do it. There's no word yet if Ear Boy will make a return. 

Angelique Bates has made guest appearances

Angelique Bates was one of the original cast members on All That, and she stayed with the show until 1996. She's stated in interviews what a grueling process the auditions were — according to her, she nailed an Urkel impression and was hired. After she left the show in 1996, a young actress by the name of Amanda Bynes was brought on to take her spot. 

Bates has resurfaced intermittently over the years with guest spots on shows like Strong Medicine, Boston Public, and Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! She also appeared as herself on an episode of Couples Court where she accused her boyfriend of cheating on her. For a while, she was uploading new content onto her YouTube page, but it seems to have died down in recent years. She has a few projects currently in post-production, so hopefully, we'll see more of Bates in the very near future. 

Katrina Johnson has moved onto radio

Katrina Johnson is one of the youngest cast members to ever appear on All That — she was only 12 when she got her start on the show in 1994, although her status as the baby of the cast went out the door when Amanda Bynes entered the picture a couple of years later. Johnson would leave the show in 1997, but appeared again in reunion specials. While she was doing sketch comedy, she was known for her great impressions of celebrities like Roseanne Barr and Ross Perot. 

She's acted in other projects like Sisters and She's a Fox, but it appears as though she's retired from acting. These days, she works as a radio host for the program "Guilty Pleasures" on Uncensored Radio, but she hasn't forgotten her roots. She regularly appears on YouTube channels to discuss her days acting on All That, appearing alongside former co-star Angelique Bates in one instance. 

Nick Cannon is now the host with the most

These days, Nick Cannon is probably best known for being the host of several popular reality shows like America's Got Talent and The Masked Singer, but it all started when he became a cast member on All That in 1998. He stayed with the show until the original run ended in 2000, and proved himself to be anything but a one-hit-wonder when he got his own Nickelodeon series, The Nick Cannon Show, that ran from 2002 to 2003. He also had a fairly successful movie career, landing prominent roles in Drumline and Love Don't Cost a Thing.

Over the years, Cannon has made headlines for reasons beyond his acting career, including an incredibly high-profile relationship with Mariah Carey. The two met in 2008 on the set of one of her music videos, tying the knot two months later. The couple has two children together, boy and girl twins, but they separated and filed for divorce in 2014.

Alisa Reyes was a regular on numerous TV shows

Alisa Reyes got her start in the industry when she appeared in the music video for "Make It Happen" by Mariah Carey. A couple years later, she would get her big break as a cast member on All That, appearing from 1994 to 1997 before leaving to star as Marci Blake on One World. She maintained a fairly lucrative career in the world of television, landing recurring work on many TV series, including Spyder Games, The Bold and the Beautiful, and American Family. She also provided the voice for LaCienega Boulevardez on The Proud Family.

Reyes is more than just an actor — she's also worked as a DJ for Playboy Radio — but that doesn't mean she's done appearing onscreen. Her most recent performances include a role in the 2019 film Heavenly Deposit, as well as a couple of appearances on the All That revival in 2019 and 2020. 

Christy Knowings has kept a low profile

For many original cast members of All That, their big break came when they joined the sketch comedy show, but Christy Knowings already had a pretty impressive career before coming on board — she, along with her twin brother Chris, appeared in the Spike Lee film Crooklyn. She had also been a performer on the one-time Nickelodeon sketch comedy special And Now This. In an interview with Complex, she spoke about how she really enjoyed the opportunity to embody the characters she was asked to play. While the writers of the show may have created them, she got a lot of freedom to have fun and make them her own. 

She stayed with All That until the end of season six in 2000, and would appear again in 2008 on Sesame Street, making three appearances on the legendary show with her twin brother. That was her last acting role, and she's kept a very low profile in the years since. 

Mark Saul has appeared in some of your favorite shows and movies

Mark Saul joined the cast of All That a little late in the game, coming on board in 1997 and staying with the show until the original run ended in 2000. Work was in short supply for him immediately following the sketch comedy show, but later in the 2000s, he enjoyed one heck of a resurgence.

From 2009 to 2010, he appeared as the recurring character of Dr. Steve Mostow on Seattle Grace: On Call. In 2010, he was also seen in the role of Bob in the Academy Award-winning film The Social Network. After that, he had great success in the 2010s, making guest spots on shows like Parks and RecreationBones, The Mentalist, and Modern Family. He also appeared in 37 episodes of Grey's Anatomy from 2007 to 2012. In his personal life, Saul married his high school sweetheart, Ilana Berger, in 2012. The couple has two children together. 

Amanda Bynes has struggled in the limelight

Amanda Bynes joined the cast of All That in 1996, and it was clear from the start that she was a star. Her segments on "Ask Ashley" were hilarious, and the higher-ups at Nickelodeon clearly thought so, too: In 1999, she got her chance to shine in The Amanda Show, a sketch comedy series that ran until 2002. 

Bynes went on to have prominent roles in other TV series like What I Like About You and Rugrats, and made the transition to the big screen with parts in She's the Man, Hairspray, and Easy A, but since the early 2010s, she's made headlines for her personal life rather than her professional one. She was charged with driving under the influence in 2012, and in 2014, she went to Twitter to say she had been diagnosed with manic depression and bipolar affective disorder. In 2020, she sought help for "ongoing mental health issues."