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How Joshua Orpin Got Ripped To Play Superboy In Titans Season 3

When someone is playing a superhero, often part of the believability that you are that superhero comes not from the right lines or the right costume, but from an actor's physique. Even people who are already strong like Dwayne Johnson will have to get in a very specific kind of shape to feel believable as an anti-hero like Black Adam. The same goes for everyone from chaotic villains like Margot Robbie's version of Harley Quinn to the God of Thunder himself, Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

All those comic book characters are strong, but there's only one character who people think of first when they think of the physically strongest superhero in history, and that's Superman. Plenty of actors have played live-action versions of Superman over the years, and all of them have gotten into some kind of shape to look the part. However, a character who we don't see so often in the live-action flesh is Conner Kent, the Superboy who is a clone mixture of both Clark Kent and Lex Luthor.

We've already seen Joshua Orpin's take on the character in "Titans," beginning with the show's second season. Orpin was already in the shape that could make you believe he could leap tall buildings, crumple guns with his bare hands, and otherwise hurl enemies across a room with raw, brute strength. But another season of "Titans" means upping Conner's game. Here's how Orpin is making himself look more super than ever.

The Titans actor whose workout Joshua Orpin looks up to

Joshua Orpin recently took to Instagram to post pictures of himself working out to get people pumped for "Titans" Season 3, which is due for release in August on HBO Max. So, how exactly did he get in Superman levels of shape? According to the actor, "season 2 was about #cultivatingmass, this time around we were trying to get me a little leaner and meaner." Here's Orpin's superbod process.

"Step 1 – Don't eat anything that you want to / tastes good

Step 2 – Pick up heavy things all the time. Like, every day

Step 3 – Work with Alan Ritchson and feel inadequate

Step 4 – Repeat until jacked and shredded"

Alan Ritchson plays Hank Hall, aka Hawk on "Titans," and it's no surprise Orpin looks up to the actor as they both stay fit. Ritchson isn't just known as Hawk — the actor got his superhero start back in 2005 on "Smallville" when he played none other than Aquaman.

Orpin revealed how intense workouts can help, acknowledging that he had to keep his work ethic up through lockdowns in two countries for nine months of shooting. "As long as I have the privilege of playing this role, I'll continue to strive toward the 100% unrealistic standard set by my comic book counterpart," he wrote.

The first two seasons of "Titans" are streaming now on HBO Max.