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What Is The Song In The Coca-Cola 'Just Because' Commercial?

Coca-Cola is the very definition of an iconic brand. The famed soda is embedded in our collective culture, which is why it's so easy for the new Coca-Cola commercial to capitalize on nostalgia for the taste of Diet Coke. Dubbed "Just Because," the new Coke commercial is all about celebrating embracing the things you love, no matter how weird they may be, and that positive message is backed up with an equally bubbly song.

The commercial kicks off in a convenience store where the employees are looking bored until a woman in pajamas walks in looking for a refreshing Diet Coca-Cola. The minute she takes a sip she seems to set off a chain reaction of people doing things just because it's fun — this includes a shot of a businessman riding on a children's mechanical horse and a woman getting her nails done to match her vibrant jacket.

If the commercial's vibe seems familiar, it's because there's a famous director working behind the camera: The "Just Because" spot is helmed by "Emma" director Autumn de Wilde who brings the same sense of whimsy to the ad that she brought to Jane Austen's classic novel in 2020. But it's not just de Wilde's directing style contributing to the commercial's familiarity. It's also the remixed version of a classic jingle that makes this ad feel both new and timeless at the same time.

The song in the new Coca-Cola commercial is actually a throwback to the '80s

Children of the '80s almost certainly recognize the "Just Because" jingle used in the commercial from their childhood. According to Ad Week, Diet Coke debuted with the slogan "Just for the Taste of It" in 1982, and the company has continued to use it on and off ever since. It seems 2021 is going to be an "on" year, but this time around the famed jingle has been given a modern makeover.

The song in the commercial is known simply as "Just for the Taste of It," and it's being sung by the Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter Thundercat. He joins a long line of famous artists who have put their own unique spin on the jingle, including Elton John, Whitney Houston, and Devo. And while every version of the song is different, Thundercat's take stands out from the crowd for the way it evokes the past while still sounding fresh.

As he croons, "Just for the taste of it, just for the fun of it," you instantly start to feel a little mellow. This is a slow jam for people who just want to drink their Diet Coke and chill. But at the same time, the jingle remains instantly recognizable. Ultimately, Coca-Cola balances nostalgia with modernity in its new ad, and thanks to the added cool factor of Thundercat, it might just send even the most devoted original Coke fan reaching for a Diet Coke.