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Why Some Big Sky Fans Are Confused About Who The Bad Guy Is

Over the course of the first season of "Big Sky," we've encountered a pair of truly reprehensible villains in the form of trucker/kidnapper Ronald Pergman and corrupt state trooper Rick Legarski. From the pilot episode, we've seen Ronald kidnap Jerrie Kennedy and the Sullivan sisters, Grace and Danielle, with the intention of selling them into sex slavery, with Legarski as the corrupt Montana lawman who not only silently backed Ronald's activities but also murdered private investigator Cody Hoyt in an effort to cover up the pair's horrible crimes. Eventually, Legarski was shot in the head, leaving him with no memory of his evil past, while Pergman escaped to a new town and took on a new identity.

Legarski and Pergman are truly reprehensible people, but there are some lingering doubts as to whether they're the only villains at play in the world of "Big Sky." As fans of the series anticipate the second season, some have been speculating that there may be other members of the sex-trafficking ring both Pergman and Legarski belong to and that they might be hiding in plain sight.

The mysterious Mark Lindor

In a recent Reddit post, user Dwayla speculated on who the real bad guy of "Big Sky” might be. "The way I see it, it almost has to be either Lindor or Sheriff Tubb? I'm just not sure? I thought it was Lindor since Tubb is almost too obvious," they wrote. "When they went to Ronald's girlfriend's house, did Lindor not see him in the window (carrying out her body)?" 

Mark Lindor is a U.S. Marshal who worked with private investigators Jenny Hoyt and Cassie Dewell as they tried to track down Ronald Pergman. He has Cassie accompany him to a junkyard where they find Ronald's old truck. He proves useful over the course of the investigation, but there is an odd moment in the episode "All Kinds of Snakes" when Mark comes into possession of a USB flash drive that has CCTV footage of Ronald sleeping at his mother's grave. Lindor leaves a note at the grave under a rock that reads, "I'm always with you."

Why did Mark leave the note?

In the Reddit post mentioned above, user welldressedpickles speculated the following: "Someone else mentioned a theory that Lindor could be bad because of that note he left for Ronald at his mom's grave. Lindor said it was 'to mess with him' ... that seems like he was trying to warn Ronald. Ronald is wanted for a slew of crimes ... Seems like a huge and unnecessary risk."

Fans can only speculate why Lindor left the note under Helen Pergman's grave. On "Big Sky," Lindor says it's part of a plan to grab Ronald when he returns to the graveyard. He believes Ronald to be a creature of compulsions who will return to the graveyard to visit his mother, and that in the confusion, he'll be easier to catch. Ronald, however, finds the note at the grave and leaves without being caught.

By the end of "Big Sky's" first season, Mark Lindor seems to be on the side of the angels. Whether or not he's all he appears to be is a mystery that remains to be solved.