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The Best Time Dolores Ever Broke Character On Westworld

Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) is a true force of nature in HBO's "Westworld" — well, a force of robotic nature, anyway. She's the oldest host in the park run by Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) and slowly becomes aware of what her life really consists of, ultimately deciding that she should be the one to decide her own fate. It's hard not to root for Dolores over the course of the series, even if she does get pretty murderous at times.

She's had an incredible journey through the park and beyond so far, and her evolution from being an oppressed host with no autonomy of her own to becoming a full-blown revolutionary has been thrilling so far. Dolores' partnership with Caleb (Aaron Paul) in "Westworld" season 3 ultimately helped bring some humanity to the host with a taste for violent delights and violent ends, making her realize that society itself is also shackled as much as the hosts are.

But building a robotic uprising isn't always as serious and solemn as it looks, and often very mundane things throw a spanner in the works, as actress Evan Rachel Wood found out when filming "Westworld" Season 1.

Who knew hosts could be stopped by a door?

"Westworld" isn't exactly a funny show. Hosts aren't whipping out one-liners after guests shoot them in the face, and the whole conspiracy involving what the Delos company really has in mind for the host technology doesn't leave much room for laughs. But that doesn't mean the cast and crew didn't have fun when filming the science-fiction epic. And while humans make mistakes, as Dolores often likes to point out to her victims, hosts can be just as infallible.

The short "Westworld" Season 1 blooper reel reveals a number of moments where the cast made mid-filming mistakes that completely broke the air of sophistication the prestige HBO series has. One scene in particular features Dolores star Evan Rachel Wood striding through the halls of Ford's secret laboratory underneath the park itself, where he could experiment with hosts free from Delos' prying eyes. 

It's a dramatic moment where Dolores is starting to really uncover what lies beneath her fabricated reality ... until she can't get through the door. Wood pushes it a few times, remaining in character before trying to force her way through and giving up. It's a shame she can't use some of Dolores' strength. She completely breaks character by telling the crew, "The door is very stuck!" before laughing about it. And just like that, the robotic revolution has been felled by a stubborn door. 

It'll be interesting to see if Dolores makes a return somehow in "Westworld" Season 4 after the giant A.I. Rehoboam wipes her out. Fingers crossed no jammed doors get in her way if she does.