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The Best Fight Scene From Westworld Season 3

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Westworld season 3 vastly changed the status quo for the fascinating science-fiction series, bringing audiences out of the park completely and mainly taking place in the outside world. But one element that has stuck around — and has really impressed audiences throughout all three seasons so far – is Westworld's inclusion of brutal, unforgiving action scenes.

Westworld guests have subjected the hosts to an unimaginable torrent of horrors over the years, but the hosts have started to turn the tables thanks to a violent revolution led by Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood). Though the rogue leader had one of the most vicious fights in the series early on against Martin and his thugs (excellently shot by cinematographer Paul Cameron and his team), the best duel in the entirety of Westworld's run came much later.

After all the battles to shut down Rehoboam (that nefarious A.I. system secretly controlling humanity), Westworld season 3 gave William, A.K.A. the Man in Black, one final fight to tease yet another mystery awaiting audiences whenever season 4 eventually arrives.

The (new) man in black

Shortly after Tessa Thompson's Charlotte/Dolores massacred the Delos board and was horrifically burnt trying to save her son from a car explosion, it was revealed that the host fled to Dubai. The post-credits scene saw William arrive at the office looking for revenge, finding Dolores in an underground lab. Unfortunately, she had a surprise for the Westworld frequent flyer. Out of the dark came a doppelganger of William, and the two engaged in a brawl.

Unfortunately, the host version of the Man in Black (dressed, of course, like a cowboy) quickly overpowered the real William. He won't be able to save the world from the robotic revolution like he had planned to, because the Man in Black host slit William's throat as Dolores watched him bleed out slumped up against a wall. It was definitely one of the most emotionally charged fights of season 3. William's entire story arc forced him to come to terms with all the violence he'd unleashed in his life, and it ended with him literally having to come face-to-face with the worst part of himself.

But the question still remains, was that the real William? After all, there've been so many bait-and-switch moments throughout the show, it's entirely possible that he was controlling another host and the human William is holed up elsewhere. Perhaps season 4 will shed some light on this new mystery. Westworld is streaming now on HBO Max.