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Deadpool Director Gets Candid About The Character Appearing In The MCU

The raunchy, violent, fourth-wall-breaking antihero Deadpool is not the most obvious addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, what with his crude sense of humor and bloody method of dealing with his adversaries. But then again, the MCU was built on unlikely heroes. As the superhero franchise enters a new phase, Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds, will be joining in the fun, and everyone's wondering what that will look like.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said earlier this year that Deadpool will be joining the MCU with an R-rated "Deadpool 3," according to Collider. Up until this point, the MCU has been aggressively PG-13, so it's a totally new direction for the franchise. It seems this is the one page Disney and Marvel Studios are taking out of the DCEU's book. The uneven competitor cinematic universe hit a creative high-water mark with the R-rated "Birds of Prey," and plans to double-down on that strategy with the upcoming "The Suicide Squad."

Embracing the merc with a mouth is a risk for Disney and Marvel, but "Deadpool" director Tim Miller has shared his thoughts on how it'll all come together.

Deadpool director says Ryan Reynolds is what makes Deadpool special

In an interview with Inverse, "Deadpool" director Tim Miller said he doesn't believe Deadpool needs to be watered down to fit in with the MCU. He elaborated, saying, "I think Ryan Reynolds' take on the character and the way he embraces the particular kind of insanity — even if you said he's not gonna use four-letter words — would still be there. He still is that character. You can take the R-rated parts out of it if you wanted and it would still be Deadpool if Ryan was doing it." Reynolds has been consistently a huge part of the "Deadpool" production process — not just as the lead actor, but also as a co-writer for "Deadpool 2" and producer on both films. That appears to be staying the same for "Deadpool 3."

Of course, while we know "Deadpool 3" will be R-rated, this rating presents a complication regarding how the film fits into the rest of the MCU. As an R-rated outlier, "Deadpool 3" might not contain huge plot points relevant to the overarching multi-film story. However, there's an existing precedent to create two versions of the movie: Originally released as an R-rated film, "Deadpool 2" was subsequently edited into a PG-13 version. It's possible we'll see Disney do something similar with "Deadpool 3."

Either way, along with Miller, fans can rest easy knowing Deadpool is still cradled in Ryan Reynolds' capable, loving hands.