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No Sudden Move - What We Know So Far

New Steven Soderbergh movie alert! We've got a new Steven Soderbergh movie on the way here! Apologies for the overt fanfare, but there are a handful of filmmakers out there whose new projects are always worthy of such pomp, and Steven Soderbergh is absolutely one of them. If you doubt that sentiment, you might want to check out the man's IMDb page, 'cause Soderbergh has directed a dozen or so of the best movies in release over the last 30 years or so, "Sex, Lies, and Videotape," "Out of Sight," "The Limey," "Traffic," and "High Flying Bird" among them.

Just FYI — he also served as producer on a handful of important flicks too, including Gary Ross' "Pleasantville," The Russo Brothers' "Welcome to Collinwood," Richard Linklater's "A Scanner Darkly," and Lynne Ramsay's "We Need to Talk About Kevin." Exceedingly good taste aside, we are indeed here to talk about Soderbergh's latest directorial effort, a star-studded crime drama called "No Sudden Move." The project has no doubt been on the radar of the director's fans since it was announced back in 2019, but little has been heard on the "No Sudden Move" front since. Details have begun trickling out about the project, however, and we're happy to report the news is nothing but good. Here's everything we've learned so far about "No Sudden Move."

When will No Sudden Move be released?

If you're among the Steven Soderbergh devotees who have been tracking "No Sudden Move" since 2019, you know the film was meant to have been in the proverbial can a long time ago, but was delayed by a little pandemic whose name we've all uttered a bit too much over the last year-and-a-half. Per The Hollywood Reporter, those industry-wide production delays apparently cost Soderbergh a cast member or two, including his frequent collaborator George Clooney. Thankfully, the director was able to patch the casting holes quickly, and still managed to get "No Sudden Move" before cameras in the latter half of 2020 (via Fox2 Detroit).

Soderbergh has apparently wrapped post-production on "No Sudden Move," with Deadline reporting it's officially set to celebrate its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 18, 2021. Fear not if you can't make it to New York for that screening, because you won't have to wait too long after to get your peepers on the new Soderbergh flick. You'll even be able to do so without leaving the house because "No Sudden Move" is an HBO Max Original production, and is slated to hit the streaming platform a couple of weeks after that Tribeca Film Fest premiere, doing so on July 1, 2021.

Who is starring in No Sudden Move

While those pesky production delays reportedly cost Steven Soderbergh's "No Sudden Move" the talents of Clooney, John Cena, and Sebastian Stan, the film is still fronting a cast absolutely stacked with A-list talent. That's become par for the course with Soderbergh over the years, though, with the director assembling impressive ensembles for his films on the regular (see: "Ocean's Eleven," "Traffic," "Contagion," and "Logan Lucky" among many others). 

Soderbergh has made just as great a sport of re-teaming with actors he likes too. And "No Sudden Move" finds the director again working with faces very familiar to his films in Don Cheadle, Benicio Del Toro, Bill Duke, and Matt Damon. Joining the Soderbergh family for the first time on "No Sudden Move" is no less impressive a list of actors, including Amy Seimetz, David Harbour, Frankie Shaw, Brendan Fraser, Julia Fox, Kieran Culkin, Ray Liotta, John Hamm, and Noah Jupe. Honestly, if that list of names doesn't get you hype to hit up HBO Max and stream "No Sudden Move" on July 1, we're guessing nothing will.

What is No Sudden Move about?

Now that we know when and where you'll be able to see Steven Soderbergh's "No Sudden Move" as well as who'll be appearing in it, the obvious question is "what's it all about?" Thankfully, the new film finds Soderbergh once again working in the crime-thriller genre, which has frequently seen him at his cinematic best. The film also finds Soderbergh returning to the streets of Detroit (via Detroit Free Press), the site of his egregiously overlooked 1998 masterpiece "Out of Sight." 

"No Sudden Move" is far from a contemporary tale of criminals running amok, however, and is instead set in the Motor City circa 1955. Per Deadline, the new film will reportedly tell the tale of a group of small-time criminals assembled by a mysterious figure for a seemingly simple heist. When the job goes wrong in spectacular fashion, the group sets out to uncover not only who hired them for the fateful gig, but what said person's motivation really was. Along the way, they deal with low-level crime bosses, dodgy cops, shady crooks, and a city at times seized by racial turmoil. 

Yes, that synopsis errs a bit on the side of vague. But it's all we've got to go on for now, because even as stylish as the new teaser for "No Sudden Move" is, it actually gives away less. Rest assured that whatever pulse-pounding thrills and underworld chills Soderbergh and screenwriter Ed Solomon ("Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure") spin from that shadowy setup will be nothing short of dazzling.