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A Quiet Place Part 2 Final Trailer Pumps Up The Intensity

The final trailer for "A Quiet Place Part 2" has finally arrived.

After being pushed from its original release date last year by the COVID-19 pandemic, the highly anticipated horror sequel is set to hit theaters later this month (May 28 to be exact) — a little over three years after the original "A Quiet Place" was released. That film, which follows the efforts of a grieving family to survive in a world overrun by deadly monsters who can detect even the smallest of sounds, was a massive, unexpected critical and box office success when it hit theaters back in 2018. It earned a little over $340 million against a $17 million budget (via Box Office Mojo), and received overwhelmingly positive reactions from both critics and general viewers alike.

Now, with John Krasinski returning to write and direct "A Quiet Place Part 2," he and Paramount Pictures no doubt hope to replicate the critical and financial success of its predecessor. Fortunately, the newest trailer for "A Quiet Place Part 2" does do a good job of selling it as a theatrical experience no one will want to miss.

The final A Quiet Place Part 2 trailer ventures into the unknown

The final trailer for "A Quiet Place Part 2" dedicates a fair amount of its runtime to showing off the film's flashback sequences, including the one that sees John Krasinski himself reprising his role as Lee from the first film. The trailer pretty quickly shifts its focus to the main story of "A Quiet Place Part 2" though, which finds the surviving members of the Abbott family (led by Emily Blunt's Evelyn) venturing out past the sand path that surrounded their home in the first "Quiet Place." From there, the trailer further teases the introductions of Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou's characters, whom Evelyn and her children cross paths with in the film.

More than anything, the final trailer for "A Quiet Place Part 2" focuses on hyping up the film's quality as a pure theatrical experience. The trailer showcases several tense moments from the sequel and puts its use of sound, which feels very reminiscent of how sound was used in the original "A Quiet Place," front-and-center. The quotes from critics included in the trailer all praise its merits as a thriller and horror film, and in a new featurette that was also released today for the sequel, Krasinski notes that "A Quiet Place Part 2" was designed to be seen in a movie theater.

Given the current state of cinemas around the world, which are struggling to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic closures, it's hard to say just how well "A Quiet Place Part 2" will do at the box office when it's released on May 28. The film's final trailer does, however, succeed in promoting a sequel that may actually live up to the quality of the first "A Quiet Place," which is itself a rare feat. Could be just what the doctor ordered to revive American cinemas.