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How Book Expert Rebecca Saved Chumlee's Job On Pawn Stars

Every dog has his day, and fans of "Pawn Stars" love it when it happens to be Chumlee's day. The lovable employee always seems to screw up and purchase items that upset his bosses, especially in the earlier seasons. Remember the sailboat? So, when Chumlee bought an autographed book from someone for $500 without having any experts look at it first, both Rick and the Old Man had their doubts.

When you run a pawn shop, something as little as a book purchase can end up costing the store a lot of money. If the autograph isn't authentic, then owners Rick and The Old Man have lost $500. As a result, the two decide that if this book isn't worth anything, Chumlee should take a couple of days off unpaid. Luckily for everyone, they have Rebecca, the resident book expert, who is always willing to provide detail on the value.

Check out how book expert Rebecca saved Chumlee's job on a Season 6 episode of "Pawn Stars."

Rebecca saves the day once again

When someone brings in a signed copy of Charles Lindbergh's book "We" to the "Pawn Stars" in the sixth season, Chumlee doesn't hesitate to buy it for $500. Unfortunately for his bosses, he doesn't know anything about this book or Charles Lindbergh. When Chumlee presents the book to the owners, he tells them he bought a book signed by Mark Lindbergh. For those who don't know, Charles Lindbergh became famous in 1927 for flying nonstop from New York City to Paris, becoming the first pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean alone.

Chumlee believes he struck a goldmine, while the owners are confident this is another screw-up. To get to the bottom of this, they send Chumlee to Rebecca, who was the manager at the Las Vegas Gallery of Bauman Rare Books at the time. If the guys at the pawn shop ever have a question about a piece of literature, she is who they always go to.

Most of the time, they call her into the shop. In this rare instance, Chumlee goes to her for an appraisal. She compares the book to one with an authenticated signature in her possession and notes the difference between signatures. Specifically, Charles Lindbergh often wrote out his first name, while Chumlee's book has his initials instead. Fortunately for Chumlee, the aviator did this once he became more well-known, according to Rebecca. She determines the signature is authentic and decides the book is worth about $1,500. Chumlee proudly returns with good news, but it still seems like it's not enough to please his bosses. Hopefully, the owners started to give Chumlee a little more credit after this.