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Who Is The Book Expert On Pawn Stars?

On every episode of History's "Pawn Stars," an expert comes in to provide some additional support for expensive or uncertain items. These experts can range from Disney fanatics to comic book lovers, and they all love coming in to talk about an item brought in. One expert frequently seen in the series is Rebecca Romney, who knows books. She is the only regular female specialist and one of the longest-running experts. Whenever she comes in, she seems to have the most energy of all the experts, making her a fan favorite.

So who is Rebecca Romney? Fans have seen her plenty of times in the show, but unfortunately, "Pawn Stars" rarely dives into these experts' backgrounds. You'd expect that they would have extensive knowledge, and Romney is no exception in that department. She has a deep history with rare books.

Here's what we know about the book expert on Pawn Stars.

She obviously loves books more than anyone

Rebecca Romney is, first and foremost, a bibliophile, or someone who loves books. She began working in the rare book trade in 2007, when she was hired by Bauman Rare Books for their new Las Vegas location, according to her "About" page. Romney became the manager in 2010. A year later, she became the resident rare book expert for "Pawn Stars." Since then, her presence on the rare book scene has increased dramatically.

Romney left Bauman Rare Books in 2016 and began to start her own ventures. She started and was a co-host for the "Biblioclast Podcast," and she also moved to New York that year to begin working at Honey and Wax Booksellers. She would eventually launch an annual award for an outstanding book collection built by a woman, age 30 or younger, living in the United States.

The following year, Rebecca published her first book, "Printer's Error: Irreverent Stories from Book History." Not to mention, she continued to provide appraisals for the guys at "Pawn Stars" whenever she was available. At the same time, fans may have noticed she isn't around as often as in earlier seasons.

What is she up to now?

Today, Rebecca Romney lives in Washington D.C., where she co-founded Type Punch Matrix, a rare book firm. Romney was also featured in the 2019 documentary "The Booksellers," about the rare book trade in New York. She spends her free time around books, as well. Specifically, she wrote the forward to the reissue of "The Judas Rose" by the Feminist Press in 2019. The following year, she edited an anthology of fictional stories from as far back as 1838 that reflect aspects of life today.

So how does she have any time to still provide valuable insight to the guys over at "Pawn Stars?" Despite working across the country, Rebecca will still film episodes at the pawn shop whenever she's in Las Vegas. This is probably because she and Rick were friends before the show began, one of the very few experts to really be a "buddy" of Rick's. As a result, fans will continue to see Rebecca get excited about another old historical book.