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What Chumlee Actually Paid For A Sailboat Worth $10k On Pawn Stars

Whenever Chumlee is in charge of a deal, it always makes a great "Pawn Stars" episode, especially when a lot of money is involved. Most of the time, Chumlee is getting himself in some kind of trouble with Rick, whether that is because of the way he's acting or from something he's purchased. In Season 18, Episode 5, "The Spy Who Pawned Me," it was from the latter.

Chumlee gets the opportunity to check out a 27-foot sailboat. He and Antwaun, one of the security guards from the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, go out and take the boat on the water before buying it from the guy. Unfortunately for Chumlee, Rick has a big problem with buying boats. It makes you wonder why the bosses keep giving Chumlee all this money to spend when they keep getting upset with what he buys. 

Check out how much he actually paid for this sailboat that was worth $10,000.

Rick was not happy about this deal

If you have ever watched "Pawn Stars," you know owner Rick Harrison has a few rules. One of them is you don't buy boats because they are money suckers. You have to pay for the maintenance, storage, and transportation, which all add up. So when Chumlee brought one in, he was not happy.

Chumlee and Antwaun went all the way to Lake Tahoe to check out this boat. This trip seems like more of a vacation than a business trip, as Chumlee spends most of the time enjoying the view. At one point, Chumlee even jumps into the water for a swim. After they are back on land and Chumlee has warmed up, they start to negotiate, starting at $7,000 from the owner. Chumlee manages to talk him down to $3,800, which seems like a great deal, considering this boat is worth $10,000.

Before the boat gets to the pawn shop, Chumlee has to figure out where to put this big purchase. He decides the parking lot would be the best place, so he ropes off a section of it, right when Rick and his son, Corey, ask what's going on. Once they're all up to speed, Rick is furious because he is convinced he will lose some money. Rick passes the responsibility to Corey, who is both Chumlee's friend and manager. Corey decides to have them hide the rope until his dad leaves, and then they can continue what they were doing, and everyone is happy.