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Exclusive Clip: Corey Inspects A G.I. Joe Helicopter Toy In New Pawn Stars Episode

"Pawn Stars" is readying to release a brand-new episode tonight — Monday, May 10 — but before fans switch their screens to History to watch the new installment, Looper can share an exclusive clip from it. 

Shown above, the clip from the upcoming "Pawn Stars" Season 16 episode features Corey Harrison looking over a G.I. Joe Tomahawk helicopter toy that a customer has brought into the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, where Corey, his father Rick, and his childhood best friend Austin "Chumlee" Russell work. The customer explains that he purchased the item at a local toy shop about 15 years ago, and soon after went to a professional to have it graded.

The Action Figure Authority gave the toy, a 1986 Hasbro G.I. Joe Series 5 Tomahawk, a grade of 75. Per Collectable Grading Authority, the Action Figure Authority uses a three-tier scale when grading items produced from 1960 onward; since the customer's toy is from 1986, that's the scale that was used. On that scale, a 75 grade equates to an "excellent plus/near mint" condition, and is the lowest grade in the AFA's Silver tier. "The final Silver level grade, a 75, represents an item with more minor flaws than the average Silver level piece," Collectable Grading Authority explains. "An item grading 75 does have significant wear but does not have major flaws which would draw the eye to them at first glance. ... A 75 will be satisfactory to those who are not overly concerned with light stresses, small bubble imperfections, and other flaws."

How much is the 1986 G.I. Joe Tomahawk worth?

A 75 grade from the Action Figure Authority is nothing to turn a nose up at, and the customer on "Pawn Stars" hopes that his toy might sell for a sizable profit. However, while the customer is aiming to score $5,000 for the item, Corey isn't sure it's worth that much cash. He explains that other G.I. Joe toys from the '80s have sold for "incredible amounts of money," but the catch here is that the Tomahawk isn't strictly a G.I. Joe — it's a helicopter that comes with a G.I. Joe character named Lift-Ticket, so it might not be as valuable in comparison.

Corey has to call in one of the "Pawn Stars" experts on hand to get a second opinion and ensure that he won't let a good thing pass him by — or, more importantly, not take the customer up on his $5,000 asking price only to later find out he can't recoup the cost of purchase when attempting to resell it. The burning question of this transaction is whether Corey will "get to be a real American hero," or if the deal will "go AWOL." 

Tune into the newest episode of "Pawn Stars" tonight at 10 PM on History.