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How Much A Signed First Print TMNT Comic Book Was Worth On Pawn Stars

Some items that come into the pawn shop in "Pawn Stars" are so rare, it takes multiple experts to determine an item's value. So when a man brings in a signed first edition "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" comic book, owner Rick Harrison called two people that would know more than anything about this comic book. Not only does Rick do this because of the rarity of the item, but also the asking price from the owner. He claims he has seen these run for about $50,000, so he questionably asks for $60,000.

Due to the rarity and owner's high asking price, Rick calls not only an expert on comic books but also Kevin Eastman, the co-creator of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." This isn't the first time Rick has called in an original source to verify an item. Still, it's always fun for both the owner and the viewer when Rick does this because they can provide the most accurate details on the item. After all of this, and Rick still can't come to a deal with the owner.

Check out how much a signed first print TMNT comic book was worth on "Pawn Stars."

Sometimes the price isn't right

Even before Rick calls in any of his experts, the owner of this signed first print "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" comic wants a lot of money. So first, Rick calls in co-creator Kevin Eastman to get his opinion on the item. His appearance surprises both the owner and Chumlee, who are both fans of his. He provides the group with historical context on the origin of TNMT and verifies the authenticity. Unfortunately, Kevin cannot provide Rick with any details as to how much this item is worth. As a result, Rick calls in another expert, Steve Houston, head of Torpedo Comic's vintage department.

Steve provides a little more context regarding the rarity of this item. There were only 3,000 of these copies made. Compare with X-Men having a 300,000 print run and Spider-Man having a 250,000 print run, and it's clear that this is a rare item. Steve examines the comic and determines it's in excellent condition. He does find one blemish, but he tells the group it's removable. If the blemish were to be removed, it would be a 9.6, which is considered excellent. In its current state, it sits at a 9.4, which runs for about $11,000, signature included. If the comic book were a 9.6, it would be at least $20,000. As a result, Rick offers the man $8,000, which disappoints the owner, who desperately tries for $30,000. After trying again at $15,000, Rick declines and stands at his original offer. The two can't make a deal, but there's a chance the owner will be back after he removes the blemish.