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What The Cast Of Runaway Bride Is Doing Today

When Maggie Carpenter bolts rather than marry her third groom-to-be, she earns an unfortunate nickname and draws viewers of 1999's "Runaway Bride" directly into her plight. Dashing by horseback across an open field, she glances furtively behind her but continues on, tearing her veil off and speeding into the trees. Who wouldn't want to know what happens next to the beautiful bride, still decked out in her flowing white wedding gown?

As romantic comedies go, "Runaway Bride," is a top player that earned big box office returns (via Entertainment Weekly). Could the movie's success have anything to do with its similarities to an earlier intensely popular film, 1990's "Pretty Woman"? Our best guess is yes.

Though "Runaway Bride" follows an entirely new storyline, the cast is filled with familiar faces: Julia Roberts as Maggie; Richard Gere as her love interest Ike Graham; and Hector Elizondo as Fisher, Ike's boss. Though, unlike the others, she wasn't part of "Pretty Woman," Joan Cusack as Maggie's friend, Peggy, has a surprising connection to the cast; she was considered for the role of Vivian (via Zimbio)

Coming together in "Runaway Bride," these Hollywood heavyweights made the film an unforgettable hit. Here's what they're up to today.

Joan Cusack broke out of the box

Throughout her career, Joan Cusack has often been typecast in roles that make her an authority figure or put her in a position her to listen to others and try to help them out. In one of her first movies as an adult, for example, she plays Tess's friend in 1988's "Working Girl." In 1997's "Grosse Pointe Blank," she's Martin's secretary, encouraging him to attend his class reunion. And in 2003's "School of Rock," she's in charge of everyone and everything as principal of Horace Green Elementary School.

"I've played the 'best friend,' which I'm honored to play. I feel it carries great responsibility to ... say things best friends would say when I get the chance," she told the Chicago Tribune. "I've played a lot of mothers, which is also a great honor."

These days, Cusack can be found on Amazon Prime's "Homecoming" as Francine Bunda, an Army officer with an eccentric edge. It's a departure from much of her previous work and fans are loving her in the role. Turns out Cusack can play funny, sweet, sarcastic, and kind — and she can play sinister, too.

Hector Elizondo stuck with a sitcom

Hector Elizondo had a long list of acting credits before "Runaway Bride." On "Chicago Hope," he played Dr. Phillip Waters from 1994 to 2000. He was a concierge and confidante Barney Thompson in "Pretty Woman" (for which he won a Best Supporting Actor Golden Globe nomination). In fact, he's been acting since the '60s, with roles on cult classic TV shows including CBS's "All in the Family," NBC's "Columbo," and much more.

Elizondo's latest role was on Fox's "Last Man Standing," a popular sitcom that began airing on ABC in 2011. As Ed Alzate, he runs a sporting goods business with his partner Mike Baxter (Tim Allen)—and also advises him on life in general. It was a role he enjoyed to the fullest because it offered so much more than he originally thought.

"(Ed) can be the generous guy or the stingy guy. The hard-ass guy or the easy-going guy. The soft-hearted guy or not," Elizondo told A.V. Club. "At first I said, 'No, there's no arc there for me!' But I got accustomed to that, and that's a lot of fun."

Elizondo has delighted viewers for nine seasons on the show, which airs its final episode this month (via TVLine). With an illustrious career behind him, he's sure to move on to new projects soon.

Richard Gere turned back to TV

Though many fans remember Gere as the sexy leading man in "Pretty Woman," his acting credits stretch back to the 1970s. Long before "Pretty Woman" – or  "Runaway Bride" – his breakout role came in the 1980's film "American Gigolo" and in many ways defined his career. Two years later, he starred as the hunky Zack Mayo in "An Officer and a Gentleman," and he was similarly appealing in 1994's "The Cotton Club" and 1990's "Internal Affairs" (not to mention many other roles).

Now in his 70s, Gere has still got it going on and even welcomed a new baby with his wife, Alejandra Silva, last year (via Page Six). His most recent onscreen project was BBC's "MotherFatherSon," a mini-series and his first shot at a TV show in decades. Ironically, he plays Max, an American media mogul. It was a challenge he took on happily.

"It's been almost 30 years since I worked in television," he told "Variety." "I'm so pleased to be working now with the BBC on this extraordinary eight-hour project with such talented people and which resonates so much (with) the time we live in."

"MotherFatherSon" aired its last episode in 2019, and it's hard to guess what's next for Gere. It could be more family time but might just as easily be another role as a leading man.

Julia Roberts has three new projects in the works

Julia Roberts had already starred in 1988's "Mystic Pizza" and 1989's "Steel Magnolias," before winning America's hearts as the leading lady in "Pretty Woman." From there, she went on to star in 1990's "Flatliners," 1991's "Sleeping with the Enemy," 1993's "The Pelican Brief," and 1997's "My Best Friend's Wedding" (among many other films), before landing her role in "Runaway Bride."

The camera — and audiences — clearly loved her. Her career took off without stopping (much like that horse in the opening scene as "Runaway Bride" begins).

More recently, Roberts had a recurring role on "Homecoming," in 2018. She's been hard at work since on a TV series and two films. On the Starz show "Gaslit," Roberts is Martha Mitchell, a socialite who plays a key role in connecting President Nixon to the Watergate scandal (via Deadline). In the Amazon film "Little Bee" (which she's also producing), she stars as a British magazine editor who meets a young Nigerian girl (via Variety). And in the rom-com "Ticket to Watch," she joins George Clooney as one half of a divorced couple who travel together to stop their daughter's wedding (via Variety).

Release dates have not been set for Roberts' latest projects. But it's great to know they're in the works, and she'll light up the screen again soon.