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What Is The Song In The GEICO 'Karl' Commercial?

GEICO sure does know how to make a great commercial, even if they use the same song repeatedly. This happened once again in their new "Karl" commercial (via iSpot), where a man is daydreaming about him flying down the freeway on a motorcycle. The man is seen tapping his foot, carving corners, and singing his heart out while on the open road.

All of a sudden, Karl realizes he's still at work, where he is supposed to draw the white lines for a baseball field. Unfortunately for Karl, his daydreaming gets the best of him, and his lines are all over the place. His co-worker couldn't believe what he just witnessed and doesn't even try to be subtle about the error. It's a hilarious new ad that will once again get the song stuck in your head. 

So what is this song in the GEICO "Karl" commercial that keeps being used?

Something about the Foundations makes you want to daydream

You may already recognize this song from GEICO's other recent commercial, but if you missed it, it's the 1968 classic "Build Me Up Buttercup" by the Foundations. Some of you may have also recognized it from being featured in the Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz comedy "There's Something About Mary" in 1998. If not, Los Angeles Angels fans might recognize this as one of the songs from seventh-inning stretches during their home games, as noted by ESPN.

Once Karl looks around and sees the big mistake he's made, his coworker asks him, "Karl, what have you done?" He responds by asking if he thinks anyone will notice, to which his co-worker blatantly says yes. The white lines are all over the field, including back in the outfield.

This exchange is subtle but hilarious, and the reason why this commercial is so great. Once Karl realizes there's nothing he can do, the song from the Foundations returns and gives off the impression that everything will be okay in the end — a concept GEICO probably wants you to experience with them as well.