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The Psycho Prop That Fetched Hundreds Of Dollars On Pawn Stars

"Pawn Stars" has been entertaining and awing audiences for nearly two decades. The History series showcases the wheelings and dealings at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, located on the infamous Las Vegas strip and owned and operated by Rick Harrison and his family. "Pawn Stars" is beloved by audiences eager to see not only the staggering cost of some incredible items but to enjoy some old-fashioned reality show drama as well.

Many items brought in are what you'd expect of a typical pawn shop — jewelry, vintage toys, antique guns, and musical instruments. However, sometimes the crew at Gold & Silver will have something extra special come into the shop, such celebrity-signed items or even movie memorabilia. In one episode of "Pawn Stars," an unusual object signed by a famed actor certainly piqued the team's interest — and proved to be fairly lucrative for the seller, too.

A shower curtain signed by Anthony Perkins

"Psycho," released in 1960, remains one of the most iconic movies ever made. The Alfred Hitchcock psychological thriller is relevant to this day, having spawned three sequels, a remake, and two television series. Even those who haven't seen the film can recognize its iconic, screeching score, and of course, the famous shower murder scene.

In an episode of "Pawn Stars," as seen on YouTube, a seller brings in a shower curtain signed by Anthony Perkins, the actor behind the infamous Norman Bates. The seller requests $400 for the unique signed object, which he says he personally handed to Perkins and watched him sign at a speaking engagement. However, Rick Harrison still needs to confirm the artifact's authenticity and calls in one of his many experts. Steve Grad, the expert, uses his knowledge to authenticate the signature and calls the curtain "one of the coolest pieces" to ever come into the shop. Grad values the item at $800 to $1,000, much higher than the seller's original asking price, and after some haggling, the seller gets $500 for the autographed shower curtain. 

"Pawn Stars" never fails to show unique and fascinating items. For any "Psycho" fans, this signed curtain might warrant a trip to the Gold & Silver shop itself in the hopes of snagging a piece of movie history.