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The Kill Bill Props That Couldn't Sell On Pawn Stars

The guys at "Pawn Stars" see a lot of movie memorabilia come in and out of their pawn shop in Las Vegas. Usually, these items include props used on the film's set or an outfit worn during production. These are highly collectible items that will usually sell quickly, depending on what movie it is. For example, something from "Kill Bill Vol. 1" would sell quickly, especially if it's signed by one of the actors. "Kill Bill Vol. 1" is a well-known film that won several awards, including Best Action/Adventure Film at the 30th Saturn Awards, so there shouldn't be any problems selling something like this.

Unfortunately, not all deals are made in "Pawn Stars," and Corey Harrison has to make an awkward decision when someone brings in some props from the hit Quentin Tarantino movie from 2003. What's really unfortunate is that Corey did want these items because of how cool they were. Let's look at the "Kill Bill" props that couldn't sell on "Pawn Stars."

Sometimes the owner expects too much

In Season 13, Episode 25, "Megawatt Money," a man named Scott brings in two replica swords from "Kill Bill Vol. 1." What makes them so unique is that they are both signed by David Carradine. This veteran actor rose to stardom again with the help of these movies, especially the sequel, "Kill Bill Vol. 2," where he earned a Golden Globe nomination, per IMDb.

Corey is very interested in these items, but not after hearing Scott ask $2,200 for them. It's not that this is an outrageous price for the guys at "Pawn Stars" because they've paid for more expensive items in the past. Corey's problem is that these replica swords were going for about $80 when Carradine was alive but could potentially be worth a lot of money now that he's dead. To get to the bottom line, Corey calls in their signature expert, Steve Grad.

Steve examines the authenticity of the signatures and declares them as genuine, which is really the only thing going for the item. Unfortunately, these replica swords are very common. Nonetheless, Steve says they are still very cool, and the signature brings some value to the item. In the end, he says the pair of swords are probably worth around $600 – a crushing blow for the owner.

As seen here on YouTube, Corey offers the man $200 for both, but that's not even close to the owner's bottom dollar, which was about $1,200. The two don't even try to negotiate after Corey's offer, and the swords leave with Scott to collect more dust.