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How This American Horror Story: Murder House Plot Hole Was Fixed

Whether you're a hardcore fan who loves every season of FX's hit horror anthology "American Horror Story" or you've only dabbled in a serial story or two, its first season, "Murder House," is probably what drew you in to give the show a shot

Set in Los Angeles, "American Horror Story: Murder House" is a modern ghost story that is as full of creepy moments and motivations as it is fantastic performances by a cast that features veteran actors, including Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott, and Jessica Lange, as well as standout newcomers such as Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga. The story follows the slow, shocking demise of a family that has moved across the country for a fresh start, only to move into a home with a troubled history of its own, much of which involves a suspicious neighbor and what has happened to her four children.

However, like many other great shows that push barriers when it comes to complicated timelines and subplots, "AHS: Murder House" had a couple of elements that didn't quite land when they played out on screen. While some shows never get the chance to make amends when fans point out something that doesn't make sense, others are able to redeem themselves down the road. Luckily, we now know how one particular "American Horror Story: Murder House" plot hole was fixed – you know, the one involving Constance's fourth child, Rose – even though it took a few seasons to get there.

The American Horror Story: Murder House plot hole about Constance's fourth child finally got fixed

In case you need a refresher, the "American Horror Story: Murder House" plot hole that finally got fixed in "AHS: Apocalypse" was about one of Constance Langdon's (Jessica Lange) four children, who was mentioned in passing and never featured on-screen during the show's premiere season. As POPSUGAR notes, the audience is only introduced to three of Constance's children: Adalaide "Addie," Beauregard, and Tate.

In "Murder House," Constance's fourth child is never revisited. There were rumors that the producers had planned to flush out her character a bit more in the first season, but the writers had to nix any plans to develop her storyline because they couldn't find a way to make her subplot flow with the main story (via Screen Rant). However, fans were rewarded for their patience with this plot hole when Langford's mystery child was revealed in "Apocalypse" as a disfigured young girl. When the characters in "Apocalypse" make their way to the haunted house from season one, they meet Rose (Raina Matheson), who is missing both of her eyes. We never learn how Rose lost her eyes (per Fandom), but their absence leaves room for speculation that their loss somehow contributed to the girl's death.

So, with the clever twist of having the storyline return to the mysterious haunted house that started it all, the plot hole about who Constance's fourth child is was finally resolved.