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The Real Reason Veronica Falcon Left Queen Of The South

"Queen Of The South" has ventured into its fifth season. The hit USA Network show stars Alice Braga as growing Queenpin Teresa Mendoza, who escapes from a Mexican Cartel only to wind up starting her own in America. It's based on author Arturo Perez-Reverte's novel "La Reina Del Sur." It's been quite a journey for Braga's Teresa, but unfortunately, this will be her last outing, as USA announced that Season 5 of "Queen Of The South" would be the final one (via Entertainment Weekly).

With the series ending, there's of course some speculation or just plain wishing on the possible return of another major character from the show: Camila Vargas. Played by Veronica Falcon, Camila first served as a mentor to Teresa trying to groom her to reach her full potential before coming at odds with her and then spending much of her resources in the show trying to hunt down and kill her.

Camila won over fans thanks to how skillful she was at manipulation and as well as being able to exclude a powerful presence. Yet in Season 3 (via Netflix), Teresa got the upper hand over Camila which forced her exit from the show. Camila was completely absent from Season 4, and there's been no official word on if we'll see Camila return this final season. Although her exit does still leave room for a surprise return.

Still, until otherwise officially said, it appears that Falcon may really be done with "Queen Of The South."

It's unlikely that Veronica Falcon will return

In Season 3, after learning of Camila's plot to kill her, Teresa ultimately forced her into exile. Letting her former mentor live, she also threatened the life of Camila's daughter Isabela as insurance that Camila won't make a move against her. This was the last time that viewers got the chance to see Camila. And it appears that may be it for her. Via Distractify, there was never a reason given by the writers or producers of "Queen Of The South" why Falcon's character made her exit from the show. Creatively, it could have been thought that Camila's arc had reached its conclusion.

As for Falcon, she didn't officially say why she made her exit from the show. Yet a 2019 Instagram post from the actor indicates that she was just ready to move on to other roles. As she wrote, "Becoming different characters is one of my favorite things about being an actor. Some times I start inside out, others outside in. It depends...(the important thing is that you guys believe and enjoy the show)."

Falcon has kept busy after "Queen of The South." She appeared as the character Lupe in the 2020 reboot of "Perry Mason." And "The Falcon And Winter Soldier" fans may have spotted her as in a scene from the episode "Power Broker."