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The Bob Dylan Vinyl Signing That Went Wrong On Pawn Stars

One of the best parts of watching "Pawn Stars" is seeing Chumlee screw things up, especially in the earlier seasons, when he had less responsibility. For some reason, Chumlee always messes up an assignment given to him, despite always having the best intentions. One of his biggest mistakes happened in Season 3, Episode 8, "Like a Rolling Chum," when he had a mission to retrieve a signature.

In this episode, a man brings Bob Dylan vinyl into the "Pawn Stars" and sells it for only $50. Owner Rick Harrison had a brilliant idea of increasing the value of this item: get an autograph of the famous singer while he's in town. The only problem: He sent Chumlee to do it. What could have been one of the largest profits ever made on "Pawn Stars" ended up being memorabilia for Chumlee. 

Check out the Bob Dylan vinyl signing that went wrong on "Pawn Stars."

Chumlee got caught up in the moment

After this transaction happens, Rick calls Chumlee over and requests he takes to the streets of Las Vegas and tracks down legendary singer Bob Dylan, who happens to be in town that day for a concert. Chumlee bravely hits the streets, where he asked around if anyone has seen Bob Dylan around. Surprisingly, Chumlee actually runs into the singer and asks for an autograph!

Bob Dylan looked shocked that this random person with one of his records just happened to find him and asked for an autograph. Bob Dylan agrees to the signature, at which point he asks, "Who should I make this out to?" Chumlee, being caught up in the moment and excited his boss' outlandish request is being met, says himself. 

Chumlee triumphantly returns to The World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop with exciting news for Rick; he got the autograph! As soon as Rick takes a look at the signature, which reads "To Chumlee, Bob Dylan," he asks if it's a joke. Chumlee doesn't even realize the mistake he made until Rick spells it out for him. No one will want a Bob Dylan record that is signed to Chumlee. Instead of getting into a fight with the village idiot, Rick simply lets Chumlee have it. Although this only burnt a $50 hole in Rick's pocket, it couldn't have been a profit worth thousands.