What Is The Song In The Airbnb 'The River Lodge' Commercial?

Airbnb has done it again. The vacation rental company has created another heart-warming commercial using an experience from a recent adventure and a beautiful song attached to it. This time, a young group of friends takes a trip to The River Lodge in Wimberley, TX, where they have one of the best weekends of their lives. The guys are seen hugging, kayaking, and eating together, all captured by photos from the trip.

This beautifully nostalgic experience is amplified even greater with the music attached to this commercial (via YouTube). Most people have likely heard a version of this song before, but this cover is much different. It's a stripped-down version with only a singer, a piano, and a violin. All of it combined creates a goosebumps-giving experience that makes you want to call up all your friends and see what they are doing this weekend.

So what is the song in the Airbnb 'The River Lodge' commercial?

Memories made possible by an ageless classic

You might have recognized the lyrics, but if not, this song is "Forever Young" by Firewoodisland. This version by the Norwegian group is excellent for the simplicity of this commercial, perfectly matching the tone. The soft piano and slow violin together create a dreary yet hopefully feeling in the air.

There are several places you might have heard this song before. First, you likely recognize the lyrics, depending on which generation you belong to. The younger generation may have recognized the lyrics from "Young Forever," by Jay-Z featuring Mr. Hudson. If you're from the older generations or have more extensive knowledge of music history, you'll realize this is a lyrical sample from the 1984 "Forever Young" by Alphaville. The Alphaville version has been remade and remixed several times throughout its life, including by Interactive, Youth Group, and Becky Hill.

No matter where you hear it or what version of it you're listening to, this song will always be a classic. Searching on IMDb, you'll find it has been featured in several TV shows, and movies, including in "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," "Queer as Folk," and "One Tree Hill," as well as "Listen to Me" and "Napolean Dynamite." This version, however, seems to compliment the Airbnb commercial very well and serves as a reminder that sometimes simplicity is all you need.