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Every Cast Member That Got Fired From Storage Wars

If you've ever watched "Storage Wars," you know all of the crazy characters in the show that make it so great. Whether you're a fan of Dave Hester and his "YUUPP!" or a fan of Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz's constant bickering, there's always someone to be entertained by. In the show's 12 seasons, fans have been treated to a handful of regular buyers and recurring cast members. They've all had their 15 minutes of fame, some more than others, but not all of them are still on the show today.

It's only happened a handful of times, but some people on "Storage Wars" were fired. Some of these people might surprise you and even confuse you, as one person was fired in the middle of the series and came back for the next several years.

From legal reasons to financial woes, there's always a reason to get rid of somebody on a TV show. Check out every cast member that got fired from "Storage Wars."

Dave Hester was fired for legal reasons

For die-hard "Storage Wars" fans, you might notice something strange about Season 4: Dave Hester wasn't in it. That's because he and A&E were in the middle of a legal battle, resulting in the network firing Dave for one season.

In 2012, after three seasons on the show, Dave decided to file a complaint with the Los Angeles Superior Court against A&E and Original Production, claiming everything about the show was staged. In the lawsuit, Dave admitted he no longer wanted to be a part of this charade. A&E wasn't pleased about this, especially since the show was just starting to peak in popularity. As a result, the company terminated Dave, who turned around and sued A&E and Original Productions for $750,000 over wrongful termination.

Thankfully for fans, Dave and A&E came to a settlement, and The Mogul was able to return to the show for another eight seasons, and maybe more.

A&E allegedly fired Brandon Sheets for financial reasons

Another surprising buyer to make an early exit was Brandon Sheets, the son of longtime buyer Darrell Sheets. This situation was still messy, but much less messy than the Dave Hester ordeal. Brandon was allegedly fired from Storage Wars before Season 10 because the network couldn't afford to keep him on the show. This was likely because his father, Darrell, threatened to leave before Season 7 when he found out his pay was being slashed, and he only appeared in four out of 26 episodes, according to TMZ. As a result, the network decided to cut the son and keep the father longer. Darrell did eventually leave the show on his own, anyway.

It's a harsh reality, but Brandon seemed to have ended up doing well for himself. According to Facebook, Brandon became a real estate agent in Arizona. Before he got to that point, he and A&E had a minor spat a few months following the termination. Following a peaceful exit, Brandon went to Twitter to express his frustration with how the show handled his departure, saying, "Funny how @AETV fired me for lack of budget, but they still have their people follow me on Social media and want me to do free stuff."

Although these are the only two cast members so far that got fired from "Storage Wars," there's still a chance that others may get the boot. After a two-year hiatus, the show will return to A&E for its 13th season on April 20.