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Lovesick Season 4 - What We Know So Far

Lovesick began its life with the unfortunate title of Scrotal Recall, but the British rom-com's charming cast and smart writing managed to overcome its terrible moniker. After airing as a Channel 4 original in the UK for its first season, Netflix snapped up the rights to the comedy and produced an additional two seasons. The season 3 finale officially aired in 2018, and fans have been keeping their fingers crossed for a season 4 of Lovesick ever since.

Unlike American shows, British shows sometimes return after long hiatuses either for additional seasons or one-off specials, so it's not outside the realm of possibility that Lovesick will continue at some point, although there are currently no plans for a season 4 at this time. Still, the show's stars, as well as series creator Tom Edge, have shared their thoughts on how Dylan (Johnny Flynn) and Evie's (Antonia Thomas) story could continue.

Season 3 of the series ended with best friends Dylan and Evie finally together after years of missed chances. Meanwhile, their other best pal, Luke (Daniel Ings), was ready to start his own journey toward finding true love. Ultimately, it was a fitting end to a series that was essentially a story about a trio of friends leaving their wild young adulthood behind, but the door was definitely left open for more Lovesick to come in the future.

Does Lovesick season 4 have an official release date?

Although Netflix never officially canceled Lovesick, the series hasn't been renewed for season 4 either. As a result, the actors have all moved on to other projects, and as of 2021, there are no concrete plans for the comedy to continue. In a January 2021 interview with Decider, Flynn gave fans an update on the status of the show, and implied he would be game to return if Netflix decides to make a fourth season or special in the future.

"Never say never, but we're not planning it now," he said. "Nobody's talked about it for a long time. Netflix was like, 'Not just now,' that kind of thing. So we've all just put it in the back of our minds. But it could happen."

For now, Flynn and his castmates are pursuing other projects, which means any possible season 4 wouldn't be released for quite some time, assuming Netflix eventually gives the comedy another season.

Who would star in a potential Lovesick season 4?

Lovesick's core trio of Flynn, Thomas, and Ings would all need to return if Netflix decided to greenlight season 4 or a reunion movie. Recently, Flynn has taken on a number of high profile film roles in movies like Emma and The Dig, and according to IMDb, he's set to appear in the upcoming Showtime series Ripley alongside Fleabag's Andrew Scott.

His co-stars are equally busy, with Thomas playing a lead role on ABC's The Good Doctor, while also making time to appear in Amazon's anthology series Small Axe in 2020. Meanwhile, Ings has spent the years since Lovesick ended taking on major roles in acclaimed British TV projects including Black Mirror, The English Game, and I Hate Suzie. As a result, the actors may not have time in their schedule to return to their Lovesick roles anytime soon, and it would be impossible to move forward without him.

However, in his interview with Decider, Flynn made it clear he would be happy to reprise the role of Dylan if the opportunity ever arises. "I would be down with that, for sure," he said of a potential season 4. "Making that show was one of the pleasures of my life. I loved it. I loved all the people involved. And I really miss them all. I think what they did was with the writing, they kind of made it that if for any reason, there wasn't another season that it was left in a good place, but there's definitely room to continue the story."

What would Lovesick season 4 be about?

Season 3 ended with Dylan and Evie together, but it didn't feel like their story was over just because they were finally a couple. In a 2018 interview with Vulture, Edge shared that he would want season 4 to recapture the lighter side of the series, which was something that became lost a bit in the heavier themes of seasons 2 and 3. "I think broadening its horizons but taking it back into slightly warmer, more upbeat territory would be the right thing to do," the series creator said.

As for Flynn, he shared there were talks of reuniting for a holiday special at some point, and he told Decider he believes that could be a great way to continue the story naturally. "Maybe Evie and Dylan with some kids," he said of the possibility of picking up the story several years later. "The chat a little while ago was about like a one-off sort of film that was, you know, just like one event — set around one thing that happens, you know, like a holiday that they all get together for or something, which I thought would be quite fun."

For now at least, it seems Lovesick season 3 is the end of the road for Evie, Dylan, and Luke, but if the opportunity to continue the show ever comes along, Edge and Flynn seem ready to return to the world of Lovesick if Netflix is.