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The Surprising Way One Of Marvel's Most Controversial Heroes Defeated Ultron

The Avengers have faced hordes of villains over the years, from singular enemies with world domination on their mind to armies of extraterrestrial forces. But one of the team's most enduring foes is one of their own making: Ultron. Dr. Hank Pym created the sentient A.I. when he was working on constructing robotic life, accidentally crafting an entity so self-aware that it took an instant disliking to Ant-Man and the Avengers. Ultron is constantly upgrading his body using a variety of precious alloys and elements like Adamantium or Vibranium in his attempts to convert the world — and later, the universe — into Ultron drones.

In a follow-up storyline to the Age of Ultron comics, which sees the villain actually succeed before time-traveling shenanigans fix everything, the A.I. sets his sights on the stars. In Rage of Ultron, he winds up on Titan, the home of the Eternals. You can see where this is going, can't you? Ultron infects most of the Eternals with his own consciousness, even flinging giant Ultron spores out into space in an attempt to turn the universe into, well, himself.

But one of the most controversial members of the Eternals has a truly unique way of defeating Ultron in the story — and no, we aren't talking about Thanos.

The power of love

Say hello to Starfox (aka Eros). Yes, Thanos' brother is the one who manages to put a stop to Ultron, as his abilities allow him to control other people's emotions as he sees fit. The reason why Starfox so controversial is that he's used his abilities to trick women into thinking they want to sleep with him, when in fact he's actually sexually assaulting them by psychically coercing them into bed. There was even a time when She-Hulk had to defend Starfox at a trial when he was accused of ruining a marriage with his powers. His heroic streak doesn't negate his crimes, but Starfox does at least help put a stop to the villain in Rage of Ultron.

The finale of the comic run takes place on Titan after Ultron merges himself with Hank Pym, creating a monstrous combination of the two. Although the Pymtron being is now a little calmer thanks to having some of the hero's consciousness inside his head, he's still a danger. This is where Starfox comes in with his psychic emotional control. The Eternal forces Pymtron to feel love, which causes the A.I. to look at the relationship between the creator and his creation. Hank Pym is something of a father to Ultron, even if their dynamic isn't exactly a friendly one. This seed of emotion planted in Pymtron's mind causes the villain to face the true extent of his actions, and he goes into self-exile in the vastness of space to ponder his own existence. 

While Starfox does manage to save the universe from being assimilated into Ultron, he's still a creep. It'll be interesting to see if the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever introduces him since the Eternals movie is still on the way as of this writing.