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Netflix's The Imperfects - What We Know So Far

Netflix's newest sci-fi series, The Imperfects, comes from the minds of the supernatural horror show, The Order. Dennis Heaton will serve as the showrunner, and Shelley Eriksen will co-executive produce and co-write alongside him. Fans of The Order — who were disappointed to learn of the show's cancellation after only two seasons — may be excited to learn that this team of writers will be taking on a new genre.  A post from NX's Twitter profile broke the news while also sharing a few other details about the show.

NX described the plot for The Imperfects, saying: "For the chance to be human again, three twenty-somethings band together to track down the scientist that turned them into monsters." Of course this intriguing summary has everyone asking for more information. Here's what we know about the new upcoming Netflix series so far.

When is the release date for The Imperfects?

As of yet, no official date for the show's release has been announced. After the cancellation of The Order in November 2020, fans of the show were left bereft by the loss, so it's understandable that they would be eager for something new as soon as possible. While we can't know for certain when The Imperfects will hit Netflix until the official date is confirmed, we can offer a bit of speculation.

The first season of The Order premiered in March of 2019, about a year after Netflix announced the show's production in April 2018. The show was quickly picked up for a second season, airing ten more episodes in June 2020. Given the trend of new episodes appearing about a year after their announcements, it's a safe bet that The Imperfects will likely hit Netflix sometime in the spring or summer of 2022.

Who is in the cast of The Imperfects?

Along with the initial post on Twitter, NX followed up with a thread showcasing the talented cast who will be starring in The Imperfects. From the looks of things, fans of sci-fi and teen dramas will be very pleased with the names chosen.

First on the roster is Morgan Taylor Campbell, who musical fans may know as McKenzie in Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist. Campbell will be playing Tilda Webber, the lead singer of a punk band who develops superhuman hearing and "destructive vocal power." Rhianna Jagpal (To All the Boys I've Loved Before 3) is Abbi Singh, Inaki Godroy (Who Killed Sara?) is Juan Ruiz, Celina Martin (The Other Kingdom) is Hannah Moore, and Kyra Zagorsky (The 100) is Isabel Finch.

Also playing the evil scientist, Dr. Alex Sarkov, is Australian comedian Rhys Nicholson of RuPaul's Drag Rage Down Under. Italia Ricci of Supergirl and Designated Survivor, meanwhile, will be taking on the role of Dr. Sydney Burke (via THR).

What is the plot of The Imperfects?

The Imperfects is a sci-fi drama about three people whose lives are changed when a mad scientist — intent on pushing the boundaries of human evolution — conducts a series of experiments on the unwitting victims. Determined to find the evil genius and return to their human state, the group joins forces with the help of scientist Dr. Sydney Burke in order to track him down.

Along with a Twitter thread listing the actors in The Imperfects, NX also provided short bios for each of their characters. According to these descriptions, Tilda, Juan, and Abbi each have abilities that are similar to mythical monsters. For example, Abbi is given "overpowering pheromones," which allow her the power of seduction, akin to a succubus. Tilda's heightened senses and shrieking vocals are compared to a banshee. Juan can transform into a chupacabra-like creature.

On top of the search for Dr. Sarkov, the group of young heroes must also contend with a woman named Isabel Finch, who, according to NX, has her own vengeful reasons for wanting to find the mad scientist. From the sound of things, Finch would rather see Sarkov dead than have him repair the damage he's done, which makes things difficult for our team of mutated protagonists.

If the intriguing story is anything to go by, then The Imperfects is sure to please sci-fi drama fans. We'll be sure to keep you updated on any news associated with the new Netflix series.