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The Best Episodes Of Superstore According To IMDb

Throughout 113 episodes and six seasons, NBC's Superstore, which kicked off in 2015 before coming to an end in the spring of 2021, was one of the most underrated and hilarious shows on network television. Thanks to its stellar central cast — America Ferrera, Ben Feldman, Mark McKinney, Lauren Ash, Nico Santos, Nichole Sakura, and Colton Dunn — and original showrunner Justin Spitzer (an alum of The Office), Superstore earned its own cult following during its extensive run.

Narrowing down Superstore's half-hour, super bingeable episodes to the very best seems like a pretty tough task, especially when you consider that the comedy does a perfect job of blending real life issues like capitalism, worker's unions, benefits for working parents, and even immigration with gut-busting jokes and quippy one-liners. However, fans on IMDb seem to have a lot of feelings about which episodes represent the very best Superstore has to offer. Here are the best all-time episodes of Superstore according to fan rankings on IMDb. Spoilers for Superstore ahead!

All Sales Final

If you've watched Superstore from beginning to end, it should come as no surprise that the touching, hilarious two-part series finale "All Sales Final" takes the top spot for fans. Set during the real-life COVID-19 pandemic the world endured starting in the spring of 2020, the very last episode of Superstore finds the gang reeling one month after they learn the news that Cloud 9 stores are closing en masse, and though their store will remain as a fulfillment center, most of the employees will be let go.

However, in true Superstore fashion, this turns out to be the best case scenario for everybody involved. Amy (Ferrera, who left the show shortly before it ended and returned for the final few episodes) finds a new executive job and marries Jonah (Feldman). Meanwhile, Dina (Ash) remains manager of the fulfillment center and gets together with Garrett (Dunn), and Glenn starts a new business and hires several of his former coworkers. The characters on Superstore always deserved a happy ending, and thanks to "All Sales Final," they all got one.

Perfect Store

As the penultimate episode of Superstore, "Perfect Store" combines the best elements of the series — unfettered weirdness and heartfelt character development. After Amy makes the move back to St. Louis from California to try to save the store, an inspector (Kelen Coleman) from Cloud 9's tech-based parent company Zephra comes to see what this particular store has to offer.

Naturally, the entire situation — despite the gang's best efforts to keep all the local weirdos out of the store for the day while staffing the entrances with the "hottest" employees, among other desperate tactics — goes awry as soon as Coleman's Megan arrives, culminating in the truly horrifying discovery of eight severed feet in a duffel bag (completing a long-running joke about random severed feet appearing in the store). As they frantically try to hide this fact from the Zephra inspector, the employees go to increasingly ludicrous lengths, including building a super conspicuous tower of seltzer boxes around the duffel bag to avoid touching it... until Marcus (Jon Barinholtz), who isn't in on the secret, finds the duffel bag and reveals the gambit to the entire store.

(In the series finale, Danny Gura's Elias is identified as the source of the feet.) Though "Perfect Store" ends with the heartbreaking revelation that closure has been in the cards for the Cloud 9 store all along, it's still one of Superstore's very best.


Right from the beginning, Superstore was the rare comedy that hit the ground running — unlike many half-hour sitcoms, it didn't take particularly long for the series to find its footing — and one of its all time best episodes is also one of its earliest. In the season 2 closer "Tornado," the Cloud 9 store battens the hatches as a tornado approaches, forcing the employees to stay inside the building when it eventually hits the store. To add to everyone's problems, Glenn is trying to decide which employees will be let go in an upcoming round of layoffs, and the tension between Amy and Jonah is coming to a head.

During the tornado itself, Jonah and Amy are trapped together under a shelf and finally consummate their work flirting with a dramatic kiss — which, unbeknownst to them, is captured on camera. However, nobody's laughing as the episode comes to a close, when the employees survive the tornado only to find the Cloud 9 structure in tatters, leaving the audience with a somber image as the second season draws to a close.

Cheyenne's Wedding

Cheyenne (Sakura) is one of the funniest and sweetest television characters in recent memory, so it shouldn't be surprising that one of the show's most delightful episodes centers around her wedding to her doofy boyfriend Bo Thompson (Johnny Pemberton), with whom she has a daughter named Harmonica. (Cheyenne spends much of the first season heavily pregnant.)

Set just before "Tornado," Glenn ultimately screws up Cheyenne's perfect wedding — for which the dress code is simply "not basic" — by breaking news of looming layoffs, freaking everybody out as Dina interferes behind the scenes by bullying Cheyenne into letting her be a bridesmaid. Meanwhile, Amy makes a speech about her ailing marriage that makes her husband Adam (Ryan Gaul) and Jonah's date Kristen (Brenda Song) completely uncomfortable — particularly since Jonah was referred to as Amy's "work husband" earlier in the evening. To make everything worse, Glenn invites Cloud 9 bigwig Jeff (Michael Bunin), who also happens to be Mateo's (Santos) ex-boyfriend, at the last minute, causing unexpected drama. Amidst the more ridiculous elements of Cheyenne's wedding — including an obscene cake topper, Bo's gold tuxedo, and some truly deranged vows — the emotional beats of the episode still hit hard.

Employee Appreciation Day

Superstore never shied away from tackling big issues, and that was rarely clearer than in the season 4 finale. In the midst of threats that employees of Cloud 9 might unionize, the company's corporate offices organize "Employee Appreciation Day," an episode that starts off normally enough. While Amy and Jonah are positioned on opposite sides of the union debate — with Jonah for the effort and Amy against it, afraid that the store would simply close — corporate gets word that Mateo, who's from the Philippines, is an undocumented immigrant.

Though Superstore usually packs a ton of laughs into its episode, the fourth season ends on a horrifyingly somber note as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) storm the store looking for Mateo. When he realizes he can't escape, Mateo says an emotional goodbye to his coworkers and is taken away for deportation — and if you're a Superstore superfan, you'll never forget watching Mateo's face as he's driven away from Cloud 9 in the back of an ICE vehicle.

Sal's Dead

Plenty of disgusting things happen at Cloud 9 throughout Superstore, but one of the worst is definitely in the season 3 Halloween special "Sal's Dead," in which the gang finds a former employee, Sal — or rather, Sal's disintegrating body within the walls. As it turns out, Sal's nickname was "Creepy Sal," his body has been in the wall for a year, and he only got stuck there because he was trying to drill a hole in the wall of the women's bathroom to spy on the female employees. In short, nobody mourns his death for very long. (However, since the corpse's feet were both intact, the discovery of Sal's body didn't clear up the ongoing questions about severed feet.)

During all of this, Amy ends up messing up Jonah's romantic life by fooling around on his phone on a dating app, which inadvertently makes their new coworker Kelly (Kelly Stables) really upset. Across the store, Mateo, desperate to attend a family wedding in the Philippines but unable to leave the country due to his lack of citizenship, tries to assume Sal's identity after he and Cheyenne find the dead man's passport, but starts taking on some of Sal's worst qualities. All in all, "Sal's Dead" is one of the grossest and goofiest installments of Superstore, and the costumes — from Jonah's irritatingly esoteric getups to Dina's revealing cop costume that she wears every single year — are the icing on the cake.


After trapping employees in the store during season 2's "Tornado," the series reworked the idea in season 4 with "Blizzard," which puts a new spin on familiar material. As the show reveals what it's really like to try to manage the pre-blizzard rush at a big-box chain store, the employees are left to fend for themselves in the store overnight, armed with inflatable mattresses, random snacks, and a ton of boozy delights over the course of multiple days.

However, while the employees are trapped together in the store — and drunk — tensions hit an all-time high, leading to a roundtable of horrors in which everybody details exactly what they hate about everybody else. Between the employees squabbling, embarrassing stories shared throughout the store (including Marcus' unorthodox shower habits), some pretty unconventional sleeping arrangements, and one employee's completely silent standoff with the store's resident racoon, "Blizzard" is a classic Superstore installment, to say nothing of Sandra's (Kaliko Kauahi) clandestine reunion with her secret lover Jerry (Chris Grace).

Town Hall

Picking up right after Jonah and Kelly's sudden breakup, the season 3 finale "Town Hall" focuses on a full-company town hall meeting that will be live-streamed to every single Cloud 9 store. However, the entire thing hits a snag when Jonah and Amy team up with Jeff to do some corporate espionage, discovering that one of their elderly coworkers, Myrtle (Linda Porter, who passed away during the show's run in 2019) was fired simply to keep healthcare costs level, and complaints about her poor job performance were forged. Though the employees try to get Jeff to reveal this fallacy during the town hall meeting, he's offered a promotion, and betrays the staff.

However, "Town Hall" still has a few tricks up its sleeve. After the town hall hits a snag, one of the cameras in the main store catches Amy and Jonah's first, well, "romantic" rendezvous, streaming their steamy tryst to every single store in the company. Superstore always closes its seasons with a bang, and in "Town Hall," the show took that literally.

Black Friday

Any store about big-box chain stores is basically obligated to deal with Black Friday — and true to form, Superstore found a completely original and totally gross way to handle it. As the employees prepare for the annual onslaught, they bring in leftovers from their own Thanksgiving meals, and after snacking in the morning, Amy gets violently sick, worried that she might be pregnant for a second time while her marriage to Adam is on the rocks.

Naturally, it turns out that Amy isn't pregnant at all — every single employee just has food poisoning. As Jonah uses a store camera to tape his very first Black Friday, every employee falls one by one, giving audiences an incredible portrait of a miserably sick group of people trying to get through the busiest retail day of the year. If you've ever attended a Black Friday sale in real life, Superstore teaches you that you might not know what's going on behind the scenes... and it might be even more disgusting than you could ever imagine.

Customer Satisfaction

In the final season, Jeff, who has held several corporate jobs throughout the series, returns as the district manager, only to report that the gang's Cloud 9 location has some of the lowest customer satisfaction ratings of the entire chain. However, the employees of Superstore never find a problem they can't handle poorly, so they decide to impress their customers by deliberately causing problems that they can then immediately solve.

Of course, this all goes awry when Marcus, who's encouraging customers to use the employee bathroom, causes the entire store to flood. While that's happening, Cheyenne, now the floor manager, rounds up the employees with the absolute worst scores and sends them to work in the stock room, and when Jonah ends up on the list, he encourages his employees to just refuse to do their jobs as the store's water levels rise around them. Superstore never experienced any slump in its later seasons, and "Customer Satisfaction" is proof.


After the Cloud 9 employees find footage of Jonah and Amy's tornado-induced embrace, pretty much everybody in the store makes fun of them in the season 3 episode "Amnesty" — except for Glenn and Dina, who realize they have an opportunity to trick their underlings into revealing anything bad they've ever done in the store by granting mercy to anyone who confesses to a vague "malfeasance." Mateo, meanwhile, is terrified that this entire ruse is meant to uncover his undocumented status and spends the entire day trying to track down Jeff, the only person in charge who knows this secret.

Unsurprisingly, it seems that every single employee has some sort of issue they want to confess, with a long line forming outside of Glenn's office... as Cheyenne and Garrett realize they can use the system to their advantage to commit minor wrongdoings. Throughout all of this, Jonah and Amy try to deny that they have crushes on each other, with Jonah taking the entire situation way too far and asking his current girlfriend Kelly to move in with him. As Glenn and Dina desperately try to catch their employees committing petty crimes — which many of them have anyway — "Amnesty" keeps the show's central romance going while also providing plenty of laughs.


Cheyenne spends the entire first (and part of the second) season of Superstore working while extremely pregnant, and in the first season finale "Labor," it seems as if she's going to end up giving birth right in the store. As the rest of the employees gather around her, it turns out that it's false labor — but the entire situation reveals that Cloud 9 doesn't offer any paid maternity leave, putting Cheyenne in a terrible situation.

As the employees start musing about whether or not they should form a union, the corporate office sends a representative to try to squash the entire effort in its tracks... and obviously, the company still refuses to provide any paid maternity leave. In an attempt to help out a young mother, Glenn suspends Cheyenne without pay for six weeks — effectively giving her maternity leave — but when the representative realizes what Glenn did, he fires the manager. Though this prompts everyone to walk out in protest and finally take unionizing seriously, one employee sticks with Cloud 9 — Dina, who leaves her coworkers high and dry as she sides with the company and remains assistant manager. Superstore's first season was especially strong, and its finale was no exception.