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What The Falcon And The Winter Soldier's Wyatt Russell Wishes He Asked Chris Evans Before Becoming Cap - Exclusive

It's certainly no easy task to enter a universe that's been alive and kicking for over a decade, especially when you're sort of taking up the mantle of a beloved character like Chris Evans' Captain America. Yet Wyatt Russell, who plays Cap's stand-in, John Walker, has come into the MCU in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier with a sense of humor and grace, even when fans trash his character on social media. While Russell initially auditioned to be in Captain America during the early days of the MCU, Chris Evans, of course, went home with Steve Rogers' shield. And the rest is, as they say, history. However, playing a superhero isn't without its downsides: namely, clingy fabric that's a pain to put on (and take off). 

Looper spoke to Russell during an exclusive interview in which he spilled the tea on what exactly he would ask Chris Evans about playing Captain America if he had the chance. Spoiler alert: It's definitely not what you think. 

Is there a super serum for bladder control? Asking for a friend

We've all been there: dressed to the nines in spandex on Halloween or at a convention when the bitter truth hits you: you have to go to the little heroes' room. Well, at least we're not alone. Even MCU actors have to deal with the mundane action of fighting through spandex layers to go to the bathroom. And as it turns out, Wyatt Russell would rather ask Chris Evans about that than the shield's legacy and we're not even mad about it. But Russell never talked to Evans before picking up Cap's shield. "No, no. I've been asked that a lot. I don't want to bother him. He gets a phone call from me and [I go], 'Hey, how's it going, man? What was it like being Captain America?'" he joked.

However, we got the dirty details when we asked him what he would have asked Evans had he gotten the chance to seek out some MCU advice. "Oh, that's a good question," he said. "I would have asked him, 'How do I go to the bathroom, and what's the most efficient way to go to the bathroom in the suit?' I think he would have actually had a lot of good information there. So maybe I should have talked to him. I should have asked him that." The more you know.

What else would Steve Rogers have to say to John Walker?

It's pretty clear that just in the short time we've seen John Walker wield Steve Rogers' shield, the two heroes couldn't be more different in their approaches. Wyatt Russell pointed out those key distinctions, noting, "Well, I think their versions are different just because their moral viewpoints are just different, because of the times that they were soldiers in." That's a pretty solid point. Being a soldier in the '40s is certainly different than today. "One was a soldier in World War II, [and] one was a soldier in modern-day warfare. So our view of how we fight wars is so different," Russell added.

Yet, they both affect the world in their own ways, as Russell explained. "So societal impact is going to be the byproduct of who they are, and not so much of what they're trying to ... They're not trying to make a societal impact," he clarified. "It's just a byproduct of who they are. That's what's also great about Marvel. They can always slip that in there, and they do it very well." It's certainly a fascinating thing we can keep an eye out for as the limited series finishes up.

MCU fans can tune into Disney+ on Fridays to watch John Walker suit up on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. But first, let's have a moment of silence for his bladder.