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The Biggest Plot Hole In A Quiet Place According To Reddit

When it was released in spring 2018, A Quiet Place became the surprise horror hit of the season. The film, directed by and starring actor John Krasinski, focused on a family trying to survive in a world where blind, armored monsters attack at the slightest noise — even a board game piece falling is cause for serious alarm, and pity anyone who breaks a branch outside or activates a particularly noisy toy.

Not only did A Quiet Place gross nearly $341 million at the box office (Box Office Mojo), but it also received strong critical acclaim and resulted in a delayed sequel with an expected release date of May 2021. Ultimately, a strong horror premise, word of mouth, and the star power of husband/wife duo Krasinski and Emily Blunt ended up making A Quiet Place one of the biggest films of its year.

But while the movie found commercial and critical success, scrutiny by horror fans has led to some accusing Krasinski's film of having "more holes in the plot than Swiss cheese," as one Redditor put it. Here is the biggest plot hole in A Quiet Place, at least according to Reddit.

Redditors wonder about the waterfall in A Quiet Place

The Redditor made a whole list of the flaws in the plot logic of A Quiet Place, resulting in over 1,000 comments on the thread. But one observation stood out in particular: "Move the family next to the...waterfall. At least have the...baby delivered there. You can scream and yell next to this waterfall, but you pick a house in the middle of a quiet field with nothing around."

While it's not Signs levels of obvious, it's an inconsistency that's hard to shake off once you've seen the movie. Lee takes his son to the waterfall so they can talk out loud without the monsters hearing them, but his family still prefers to live in an isolated farm house, where any small noise could put them in danger? It just doesn't make much sense even with all the tricks Lee and Evelyn use to protect themselves and their children. Most of the script feels thought out but this is the detail that particularly sticks out as inconsistent.

If you want to see whether A Quiet Place makes sense for yourself, the film is currently streaming on Hulu.