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The Incomplete Lunchbox That Sold For Hundreds Of Dollars On Pawn Stars

Usually, when you watch History Channel's Pawn Stars, Rick Harrison is the one making most of the deals. So when you see Chumlee asking all the questions and Corey making the financial decisions, you know there's going to be a problem with Rick. That's exactly what happened in season 15, episode 16, "Some Serious Coinage."

When a woman brings in her 1963 The Jetsons lunchbox, Chumlee is immediately interested and knows more about this than Corey, who is standing right next to him. After some surprising Chumlee knowledge and a low asking price, Corey bites and makes a deal with the woman. Unfortunately, Rick wasn't there when the deal was being made and isn't all too happy with what his son did.

Check out the crazy thing Corey did to save himself from the fury of his father after buying an incomplete lunchbox for a couple of hundreds of dollars.

The lunchbox piece that was missing

Karen, the owner of the Jetsons lunchbox, tells the guys on Pawn Stars how this lunchbox was her own when she was in elementary school. In response, Chumlee provides additional context for The Jetsons, such as that it had only one original season. To everyone's surprise, Chumlee seems to be the expert in this scenario, and he's very interested in the lunchbox. Before the team calls in an actual expert, Karen lets them know she is looking for $700 for the lunchbox.

Corey calls his friend Steve Johnston, owner of Rogue Toys and the Pawn Stars expert in all things toys and pop culture. Steve is impressed with the lunchbox's condition, considering it has been used, but he also notes some damage. Unfortunately, there is a big piece missing from the lunchbox: the thermos.

If she had this piece, the price of the lunchbox would be around $700. Without it, unfortunately, it is worth only about $450. After this appraisal, Corey asks Karen how much she wants for it now that she knows its worth. She asks for $400, which does not leave the guys at Pawn Stars with a lot of room for profit. Surprisingly, Corey is feeling generous and trusting so he makes a deal. Corey will pay $400 if Karen sends them the thermos, which she thinks she has. Karen quickly agrees and can't believe how much money she walks out with.

The sneaky thing Corey did on this episode of Pawn Stars

Thankfully, the scene doesn't end here. Rick appears later in the episode and admires the cool new lunchbox sitting on Corey's desk but notes it feels a little light. Rick quickly realizes there is no thermos in the lunchbox, which is the "golden rule" of lunchboxes on Pawn Stars. Rick is not impressed and walks out upset, because "that's not the way we do business."

A few weeks later, Corey receives a package, which happens to be The Jetsons thermos. The father-son duo argues back and forth about whether Corey was right to have faith in the situation or was just incredibly lucky. Either way, Rick leaves, and it seems like Corey comes out on top. Chumlee tells Corey he lucked out, only to find out that Corey ordered the thermos online for about $25. It's not the correct thermos, and Corey lost some money, but at least he has some peace of mind from the boss.