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The Disneyland Ride Replica That Sold For Thousands On Pawn Stars

For those of you who watch History Channel's Pawn Stars, you know the best items to come into the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop are the ones you don't see every day. This is the case in season 15's "The Happiest Place to Pawn." A former Disneyland employee comes into the Las Vegas shop to sell his Disneyland ride replica, and Rick is head over heels.

Everything seems to be in excellent condition, and the historical background provided by the seller makes this item all that more interesting. Typically, a toy this small wouldn't interest owner Rick Harrison, but the guys at Pawn Stars find something really rare about this piece, and Rick is instantly hooked — so long as it works, anyway.

So what is this item, exactly? And what's so interesting about it? Here's the Disneyland ride replica that sold for thousands of dollars on Pawn Stars.

A one-of-a-kind Jungle Cruise boat replica

In this episode, Nick, a former Jungle Cruise skipper at Disneyland, brings in a remote-controlled Jungle Cruise boat miniaturized for the Disneyland Hotel. This replica was introduced in 1999 as part of Safari Adventure. Nick bought the item when the amusement park took the radio-controlled attraction out in 2010. It turns out this is one of two replicas that still works.

Both Rick and Nick begin to go into the Jungle Cruise's historical significance. It was one of the original attractions at Disneyland, and originally took up one-fifth of the park. Nick, being more experienced, starts to name the rivers and waterfalls within the ride. This is all before Chumlee classically interrupts with one of his hilarious explanations.

Before calling in an expert, Nick asks for $5,500 because it is operational. To get a better idea of the actual price, Rick calls in Joel Magee, an expert in all things Disney and owner of America's Toy Scout. Joel is surprised at the boat's good condition and even calls it "the most complete one he's ever seen."

Unfortunately, it is revealed that Disney decommissioned these items and removed the electronics and interior pieces for other boats that were in use. In other words, the replica would also have to be restored. The good news, though, is that the boat is actually from Disneyland. Joel confirms this, as he was at the facilities when they were originally retired. 

There's only one last thing to figure out before Rick can make an offer: does it work?

The final offer to win it

Chumlee suggests taking the replica to The D Hotel – where there is a pool (and good food, apparently) — in order to test it out. Chumlee, dressed in full vacation apparel with a megaphone, brings all the comedy to the scene. Rick, on the other hand, is there for business. They put the boat in the water, and it appears to be completely operational. The steering, speed, and control all seem to satisfy both Rick and his expert, Joel. 

Joel then puts a value on the piece: $7,000. Of course, the owner is more than excited about this price. Rick drops the offer down to $4,000, and immediately the owner wants more. Chumlee, with his megaphone, offers Nick an extra $200, but the owner still wants more. Finally, the guys at Pawn Stars settle at $4,300, and everyone is happy, except for Rick, who had to deal with Chumlee and his hilarious antics all day long.