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3 Facts About Rick Harrison's Youngest Son, Jake

His name is Jake Harrison, and this is his father's pawn shop. He doesn't work there much with his old man or his half-brother, Big Hoss. If there's one thing we've learned after the last several years, it's that Rick Harrison's youngest son is a pretty private person. He's typically shied away from the Harrison family's public image, which makes sense given his age.

When family business becomes show business, it can be hard to separate work from real life. Rick and his son Corey have become huge celebrities due to their starring roles on "Pawn Stars," as did Rick's father before his death in 2018. Rick's other son, Adam, passed away in January 2024.

Though Jake has eschewed the spotlight for most of his life, he has occasionally stepped forward alongside his more famous family. Here are some things you might not have known about Rick Harrison's youngest son.

Jake Harrison's mother was Rick's second ex-wife

Corey and Adam, Rick Harrison's first two sons, were born to his first wife, Deanna. They were married in 1982 and divorced in 1985. Shortly after their split, Rick remarried a woman named Tracy, who later gave birth to Jake in 2003.

Rick Harrison's marriage to Tracy lasted longer than any of his other marriages to date. The two stayed together for 25 years, only divorcing in 2011. Tracy worked at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop for years while married to Rick, though that all occurred years before the store became world-famous due to its later television success.

Unlike his mother, Jake has never been that involved in the daily runnings of the shop, or in the TV series that launched his family to fame and fortune. However, he has appeared on "Pawn Stars" before, albeit in a relatively minor capacity.

Jake Harrison made his Pawn Stars debut in 2021

Though Jake Harrison may not be destined for TV stardom like other members of his family, he hasn't stayed away from the cameras completely. On March 29, 2021, he made his "Pawn Stars" debut, stepping behind the Gold & Silver counter to help his dad run things for a bit.

Rick announced his youngest son's appearance in an Instagram post, writing, "Bringing my youngest son into the family business" under a picture of them filming the episode. Jake was greeted by a classic pawning test — identifying the difference between a real Rolex watch and a fake. He successfully clocked the item in question as a forgery, much to the excitement of his experienced father.

Despite his appearance back in 2021, Jake hasn't become a more regular member of the show. It seems that the constant demands of TV life may not be for him, but that doesn't mean that we've seen the last of him on "Pawn Stars." It's a family business, after all, so he could always pop back in, however briefly.

Jake Harrison may share his father's political affiliations

It's no secret that, in addition to being a reality TV star, Rick Harrison is also a card-carrying Republican. He's publicly supported numerous right-wing candidates, including Donald Trump, and makes regular appearances on Fox News. he also spoke at CPAC in 2020. The pawner has even suggested he might turn to a political career himself in the future, telling the Las Vegas Review-Journal in March 2023, "I've been approached by many in the party and always listen with an open mind."

In 2018, the Review-Journal published a photo of Rick and Jake both posing with then-president Trump at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It's not too surprising to see the younger Harrison following in his father's footsteps in this way, but it's also important to note that at the time, Jake was still just a kid. It's hard to deduce much about his current political leanings from a five-year-old photo-op.