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The Grimm Episodes You Never Knew Existed

From 2011 until 2017, Grimm delighted fans with its supernatural procedural format. But even the most devoted viewers might not know there are a few Grimm episodes that never aired on NBC. Like many shows airing at the time, the fairytale-inspired drama produced several webisodes to be viewed exclusively on the internet and hold fans over between seasons or hiatuses.

During its six season run, Grimm ended up producing three separate four-part web series that fleshed out the world with standalone stories featuring characters viewers loved. The first collection of webisodes was titled "Bad Hair Day," and it featured Monroe and Rosalie helping Bud and his friend with their hair loss problem. Things hilariously go awry when Monroe tampers with Rosalie's magical formula resulting in excessive hair growth for both parties.

The second series, "Love Is in the Air," was a special Valentine's Day treat for fans. Across four mini-episodes Juliette and Rosalee's spa day is derailed by a Ziegevolk, whose pheromones cause everyone to fall in love. Then, in the final collection of webisodes, "Meltdown," Bud becomes trapped in a broken freezer while hiding from a zombie.

Even though all three series tell small-scale stories compared to the complex arcs that played out in a normal episode, each installment was fun in its own right. And most importantly, the episodes gave fans a chance to see more of the characters they loved.

Where can you watch the Grimm webisodes?

Sadly, the Grimm webisodes are no longer streaming on NBC.com where they originally premiered. However, the 12 mini-episodes haven't been lost for good. A quick search on YouTube will turn up plenty of options for viewing all three series thanks to intrepid fans.

If you're more of an old school TV viewer, then you can also watch all of the webisodes as extras on the Grimm DVDs. NBC wisely included the shorts on the Grimm: Complete Collection set, which is a must-have for Grimm fans who want every episode, as well as a boatload of extras.

Whether you spring for the DVDs or simply check out the webisodes on YouTube, having a little extra Grimm content that you may have missed is well worth celebrating. Even though the show has been off the air for several years now, this warm, character-driven supernatural mystery series is a delight to revisit. And the webisodes definitely showcase what Grimm did best: Tell unique and witty stories featuring some truly fantastical monsters doing surprisingly mundane things like hosting parties or fretting over hair loss.

They just don't make shows quite as wonderfully weird as Grimm these days, so the more episodes that are available the better.