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Rick Flag's Shirt In The Suicide Squad Trailer Might Have A Hidden Meaning

DC fans are buzzing thanks to the recent release of James Gunn's red-band trailer for The Suicide Squad. Gunn has been interacting with fans for months on social media, teasing the plot and cast without revealing too much information. The trailer is the first real look at the upcoming flick, and there are tons of small details to unpack.

The Suicide Squad is a standalone sequel to 2016's Suicide Squad, with several returning characters including Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), and George "Digger" Harkness (Jai Courtney). The Suicide Squad's fearless leader, Colonel Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman), will also return, though this new portrayal will be less serious than in the original Suicide Squad. Kinnaman spoke with CBR about how Gunn changed Rick Flag, saying "So, you know, me and James, we just kind of started over with the character. And, he became, I think, he became a slightly sillier version, slightly less jaded. Maybe a little bit more naive. And, and a lot funnier version of the character. Yeah, it's just the movie it is." Another thing that changed is Rick Flag's wardrobe, and there might be a hidden meaning as to what the change means.

Rick Flag's shirt may have a few meanings

In the first Suicide Squad, Rick Flag is outfitted in his famous military gear, which matched the character's serious demeanor. After seeing the trailer for the new film, Rick Flag looks much different in his yellow bunny shirt. If you look closer, the rabbit is wearing a red cape, a yellow shirt with the Warner Brothers logo on it, and he's holding a sign written in Spanish that says obstáculos son oportunidades (obstacles are opportunities.) It seems like a random quirky outfit choice, but if you dig a little deeper, the tee may hold symbolic meaning.

The rabbit on Rick Flag's shirt may be a nod to Warner Bros.' famous comedic rascal Bugs Bunny, who was often depicted holding up similar signs. The red cape on the rabbit's back may be a reference to Superman — which is seemingly referencing the fact that Gunn was offered the opportunity to write a new Superman movie, but chose to work on The Suicide Squad instead (via SYFY Wire).

Finally, the Spanish phrase seems to be a direct reference to Gunn's firing from Disney's Guardians of the Galaxy, which led him to be available to direct The Suicide Squad. That real example of an obstacle turning into an opportunity makes perfect sense as to why Gunn would add the hidden reference into his much-anticipated film.

Whether in military fatigues or a reference-laden t-shirt, we're just excited to see Rick Flag and the rest of The Suicide Squad back in action.