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How The Snyder Cut Shows Batman Should Fear Cyborg

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When Joss Whedon's Justice League arrived in 2017, many DC fans were gutted to see that Cyborg's story had been all but ripped out of the film. It led to a very two-dimensional version of Victor Stone who had a severely underwhelming story arc aside from a brief acceptance of his situation and a very forced "Booyah!" which called back to the hero's signature catchphrase from the animated shows. Thankfully, Zack Snyder's Justice League, released March 18 on HBO Max, puts Ray Fisher's hero front and center throughout the entire film.

This time, Cyborg's arc feels fully fleshed out as he struggles to come to terms with his new existence and his place as an outsider in the world. While he eventually makes peace with the drastic actions his father took to keep him alive after the car accident, it's a long road — one which sees him discover a number of new powers and abilities. But one of the most surprising ones shows just how much of an impact Cyborg could have on the world if he so wished, as Silas Stone explained that Victor can tap into every single network on the planet. And this makes him very dangerous to Bruce Wayne.

Distributing wealth

It's one thing to show Fisher's hero flying around with jet boosters or showing off his energy weapons as they blast Parademons away — but Snyder found a way to add a sense of depth and emotion into his abilities. A small scene sees Victor watch the life of a hardworking single mom in Gotham trying to provide for her family but struggling to keep up with rent and bills, eventually finding an eviction notice on her front door. Feeling sympathetic toward her, Cyborg plucks a stack of cash from one of the millions of wealthy bank accounts in the world and deposits it in the Mother's bank account — effectively saving the family from homelessness.

That small scene alone shows just how much of an effect Cyborg can have on the world — and it's something Bruce Wayne needs to take note of. If he does something Victor doesn't agree with, or falls off the wagon in any way, it would be very easy for Cyborg to rip Bruce's fortune out from under him. Yes, Batman's drive for vengeance and his physical capabilities are what make him a hero — but let's face it, he'd be lost without his armory of toys. Even on a practical level, just look at how quickly Cyborg was able to wire himself into the crawler underneath Gotham harbor. Batman's reliance on technology would be his downfall if he ever went head-to-head with Victor Stone.