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The Surprising Reason Alex Kingston Wants River Song To Return To Doctor Who

With a new Doctor Who potentially on the horizon if rumors about Jodie Whittaker's departure are to be believed, it's time for fans to speculate wildly about who could take up the mantle next. Normally, when a new Doctor comes into the mix, new companions, allies, and enemies aren't too far behind. In some cases, the secondary characters are just as popular as the Doctor, and watching them continue to be part of the mythos of the show long after their original Doctor has left is a real treat for fans. 

Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) may have been introduced back in 2005 with the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston), but he's continued to have timey-wimey adventures in his own spinoff series — Torchwood — and even had a glorious comeback in the mainstay series with the Thirteenth Doctor (Whittaker). However, there are plenty of other characters fans would undoubtedly love to see return, none more so than the woman who married the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) — River Song (Alex Kingston).

Whovians will be able to check in with the good Doctor's wife very soon with her upcoming solo novel titled The Ruby's Curse, which was actually written by Kingston herself (via BBC). Still, nothing would beat a good, old-fashioned reunion, and it sounds like Kingston isn't ruling that out either. 

Alex Kingston says it would be a 'great shame' if River Song never had a chance to kiss Jodie Whittaker's Doctor

The last time Whovians had the chance to see River Song in person was in the 2015 episode, "The Husbands of River Song," where the Doctor gifted River with a sonic screwdriver, and the two separated without him telling her what the future holds for the two. As such, there's plenty of room for the companion to come back for the series, and it would be all the more intriguing considering her spouse now looks like a woman. According to Alex Kingston, the change in appearance would make for a great moment between the two. "It would be a great shame if it were not to happen. Let's put it that way. I'm open to anything," she stated in an interview with Radio Times"I don't have an idea about how we should meet or anything like that. But I would like River to meet her, and plant a big, fat kiss on her!"

Indeed, it would make for an excellent moment, showing how River and the Doctor's love transcends time, space, and outward gender aesthetics. With the entirety of the timeline at their disposal, there are any number of ways for the two to reunite, but for the moment, fans will have to be content with a novelization of one of River Song's latest adventures. If the book is accepted well, then it sounds as though Kingston would be open to writing more. "I'd love to do more. Let's see what the reaction is to this one first," she went on to say. "I might get burned. Who knows?"

While production for Doctor Who season 13 began late last year, there's currently no word on when we can expect new episodes to drop. Could Alex Kingston's River Song be part of the mix? We'll just have to wait and see.