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Here's How You Can Watch Every Season Of Torchwood

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Once upon a time, Doctor Who was everywhere. But audiences couldn't get enough of the wibbly wobbly, timey wimey adventures of the Doctor, their companions, and their blue police box. So someone at the BBC had a brilliant idea: create a show that takes place in the Doctor Who-niverse but doesn't feature the title character. This decision resulted in the spinoff Torchwood.

The show premiered in 2006 and focused on the adventures of the titular Torchwood, a ragtag agency that defends the Earth (or at least the UK) from aliens while the Doctor is otherwise preoccupied. The team was led by the most popular ex-Doctor companion at the time, the immortal Captain Jack Harkness.

Torchwood ran for four seasons until 2011, although it hopped around channels like a TARDIS with a bad navigation system. At first, the show aired on BBC Three but jumped to BBC Two in its second season. Then, the program's third season landed on BBC One. The fourth and final season, also known as Torchwood: Miracle Day, crossed the Atlantic to air on Starz.

Since Torchwood aired on a different channel each season, you might wonder if any streaming service gathers all of them under one roof. The answer is a time-splitting "yes."

HBO's Torchwood and Doctor Who?

Since Torchwood initially aired on BBC, it's only natural to assume BBC America is where you'd watch the series. But the site only has a collection of random episodes. To make matters worse, some "episodes" are actually trailers in disguise. Since the BBC is continuing its unfortunate legacy of improperly preserving Doctor Who media, these episodes might have been lost to time. But HBO Max picked up the slack.

Yes, HBO's streaming channel lets subscribers stream every Torchwood episode in its entirety, which is a boon since Starz all but abandoned the show. 

In fact, HBO Max is basically your streaming home for all things Doctor Who. The service carries every episode since that series' revival. It doesn't matter if you want Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, or Jodie Whittaker Doctor Who — they're all there.

Moreover, you might discover some Doctor Who spin-offs you've never heard of. If you remember Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) from David Tennant's run as The Doctor, you'll be pleased to hear all five seasons of her own series, The Sarah Jane Adventures, are also available through the streaming service.