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The Worst Thing Cha Cha Ever Did In The Umbrella Academy Season 1

Most fans of the Hargreeves heroes will be excited for The Umbrella Academy season 3 now that it's in production at Netflix, making it the perfect time to rewatch the first two seasons of the series. When going back to that brilliant first batch of episodes, it's clear that Hazel and Cha Cha are a lot more ruthless than we first perceive them to be. During the initial watch, the Dynamic Duo was so entertaining, with many critics praising Mary J. Blige's performance alongside Cameron Britton's Hazel.

The pair was easily likeable thanks to their working relationship, but obviously they were chasing Number Five to kill him to avert the apocalypse — clearly, that didn't work. But anyway, Cha Cha had much more of a mean streak than Hazel, with Britton's assassin choosing to settle down with Agnes Rofa — a woman who had been working at a donut shop he liked. But there's one moment that really stood out for audiences as unnecessarily cruel: the murder of Detective Patch.

The detective gets detected

Right from the first episode, Detective Patch (or Eudora if you're friendly) had clearly been a crutch for Diego Hargreeves to lean on. She became his meter for where to draw the line with his vigilante antics. They'd started a relationship back before Diego was booted out of the police academy, and although they'd since broken up, Diego still kept in touch with her — mainly at crime scenes. And who said romance was dead?

Unfortunately for the detective, she'd stumbled onto the ongoing mystery behind Cha Cha and Hazel's hunt for Number Five. Using her own skills of deduction, she quickly finds the hotel the assassins are staying at, but she couldn't get a hold of Diego to raid the place together — deciding instead to go it alone. Unfortunately for the detective, it soon becomes apparent that she's wound up in a trap intended for Number Five since Klaus was still tied up after being tortured. Oh, Patch, why did you have to be so heroic?

Cha Cha executes Detective Patch just for accidentally getting involved in their murder plot, shooting her through the back. Diego's former flame definitely didn't deserve that since she's always been a force for good in the world. Cha Cha didn't need to kill her, surely? All it would've taken was a blow to the head, and she's knocked out. Although admittedly, it would be great to see the mask-wearing assassin return in The Umbrella Academy season 3 or beyond, because she's a fascinating character. Yes, she got wiped out by the meteorites at the end of the first season, but this is a show about superpowers and time travel — anything is possible.